Letcher and Stuff

As of yesterday morning, the word out on the street was that Steve Kozachik would try to move to fire Mike Letcher, but it would fail because Karin Uhlich would have Letcher’s back. Further, this word on the street said that there might be a motion to remove Letcher with an effective date closer to the election, but that that one would have a hard time passing because, yep, Uhlich has Letcher’s back.

That word on the street is always accurate.

One wag told me about a knowing glance thrown Uhlich’s way by Letcher after the vote. Hey, he goes into retirement with six months severance and Kozachik was denied the satisfaction of passing the motion to fire him. Maybe he did smile a bit.

NB: You may have noticed that the vote was not 7 – 0, but 6 – 0. The non-vote was Bob Walkup, who under our neutered mayor system has barely any authority over our city’s top bureaucrat. He isn’t allowed to vote on firings like this.

2 thoughts on “Letcher and Stuff

  1. I’d like to congratulate the Council on being so effective yesterday. Our organization’s extensive research has found that the City of Tucson will be best positioned for prosperity if its bureaucracy is in complete disarray when the new Mayor takes office.

    This, after all, is one of many steps toward Tucson realizing its full potential. Thanks in advance, Mayor Rothschild. I’m glad we can count on you.

  2. I am sorry to inform the council that it appears the political emergency severance fund has run dry, along with all the other city coffers. We’ll have a full report to you in 60 days.

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