Facts Are Inconvienient Things

Remember when John McCain toured the Wallow Fire and then blamed illegal immigrants for the damage?

Well, about that

Two Southern Arizona cousins have been charged in connection with the half-million acre Wallow Fire in May.

Caleb and David Malboeu are accused of leaving a campfire unattended while hiking, causing the wildfire that burned for weeks in Arizona’s mountains, said a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

13 thoughts on “Facts Are Inconvienient Things

  1. NICE! Take something out of context and the use it against the guy… classic politics done poorly… Not only is this post snarky, but hacky too!

    It was pretty clear that he was talking about fires down south by me, like the Horseshoe Two fire, not the Wallow Fire.


    I think it’s pretty damn funny that this guy, John McCain, is hated by many people in his own party, but you guys still can’t beat him on the state level.

    The Purple Democrat is dead!

  2. Ted,
    Facts truly are very inconvenuent I expected better out of you then this.. He never stated or mentioned the Wallow fire as being started by illegal aliens.

  3. You know, the democrat who is ashamed of what the party is actually doing and is a centrist versus a socialist, and probably a patriot of some type too… They are so far to the center that they are almost red; therefore, a blue democrat who leans to the right, or the the red side, is a purple democrat. It is my contention that these people don’t and won’t support today’s democrat (Obama) party and are leaving to be called independent.

    Before I came to my senses, I dealt with many major party players who were all Purple Democrats in this state, including a Delegate to Democratic National Convention…

    See here: http://azdem.org/assets/Campaign_Letters_1.11.11.pdf

    look at the letter from Andrei Cherny, the term purple is mentioned…

  4. Walt-

    He “never stated it,” but he made the charge at a press conference at the site of the fire. This was after the two that have now been charged had already been questioned by the local sheriff’s office.

    The fact is, Walt, there were many members of your party who tried to tie all the fires, not just the Horseshoe fire, to illegal migrants. Pretending that there was some nuance to their statements now is disingenuous.

  5. So let me get this straight, you take something that was inaccurately inferred by Huffpo and then use this inaccurate inference to then criticize the senator? Wow, there are many, many things that one could criticize the senator for, but this ain’t one of them.

    Furthermore, I find your accusations that Caleb and David Malboeu are racists and did this on purpose to frame illegal aliens deplorable! Shame on you!

    Even more funny is “many members of your party”, now that is funny! Can we talk about the “many members of your party” who called for civility and less rhetoric in politics and then call people racists and terrorists… this might be your worst post ever, you can see how you are grasping for straws now… You had better go start stumping for Obama, he’s going to need your help!

  6. Ted,
    McCain stated wildfires have been started by persons illegally entering our country. . That statement is true. How is it disingenuous of me to point that out?

  7. Walt,
    Tedski has no room on this post to comment.. he showed his bias inability to honestly analyse the issue by posting on it. His intellectual dishonesty is so apparent it’s funny.

    Almost all current Democrats are currently going through the same process. They can’t actually talk about what is going in politics so they have to make crazy inferences like this for talking points.

    I suspect Tedski, similar to anyone else with the ability to study the issues, having strong beliefs, morals, and convictions, is currently waking up to absolute lunacy of the democrat party leadership. It just took someone that was such a complete failure like Obama to wake him up.

    It is only logical for a democrat to eventually wake up, if they are honestly considering the outcomes of their desired policy. They believe that the government has all the answers and can make better decisions than those they are ruling.

    “Government, when it is examined, turns out to be nothing more nor less than a group of fallible men with the political force to act as though they were infallible.”

  8. No, but we’ve had drinks together.

    I also feel violated by some of the stuff you have pushed… Fortunately, I think you’re starting to see light. When you actually see success and the results of your ideals in action, and the negative effects it has on society, you’re left with no alternative.

  9. “McCain stated wildfires have been started by persons illegally entering our country. . That statement is true. ”

    Really, Walt? If you remove McCain’s statement from all context, then it is unquestionably true that at some time in the past wildfires have been started in Arizona by individuals who have entered the country illegally.

    However, that is more definitely not the point McCain was trying to make with his original comments, so yes, you are definitely being disingenuous. Unnecessarily so, in my opinion – I think you can make a strong case McCain need not have been speaking specifically about the Wallow fire at the time he made the original statement, since there were other, recent, fires which had occurred.

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