Live Blogging the State Democratic Meeting

5:09 I’m outta here.

5:08 ROE WINS! 336 – 94


5:01 Done with the agenda. We still don’t know who won.

5:00 Do we have results yet, Andrei?

4:57 Warner talks about the importance of the internet. That’s me. I’m important.

4:55 Priorities: Milton Caraglio just scored for the Revs. New England 1 – New York 0.

4:53 No election results yet, so we move on to the DNC Report from Carolyn Warner.

4:48 Moved on to delegate selection, which preturbs several.

4:45 A resolution on “party affairs,” another resolution that wasn’t submitted on time. More anger from the floor. One person shouts “dictatorship.”

4:44 More discussion. Geez.

4:42 It turns out, the resolution can’t be voted on. That’s ten minutes none of us will get back.

4:41 Shirley McCalister tells a joke while waiting for the parliamentarian to rule.

4:39 Member notes the lack of notice and distribution of the resolution.

4:38 Resolution notes legislators of both parties that commit acts of domestic violence. Hrm…

4:36 Nine resolutions! The first is a condemnation of domestic violence. Gee, that’s a toughie.

4:33 Second bylaws change passes. Revs about to kick off against New York.

4:30 Motion to accept “housekeeping” amendment passes. ¡Ihuela! It’s freakin’ hot in here.

4:28 Sharon Thomas brings up a point about biannual elections.

4:27 The changes are mostly grammatical. Still, there is opposition.

4:26 Oh, I see his point now. He’s trying to argue that the bylaws changes are too long.

4:25 There is a guy talking about they Simpson-Bowles report. We don’t know what this has to do with the proposed changes to the bylaws.

4:18 Bylaws discussions are never fun. There is always a contingent of delegates that never bothers to read the proposed changes or interprets every proposed change as an assault on the principles of Jeffersonian Democracy. In my experience, there are more people who would rather assume what is in the current bylaws than there are people that actually read the darned things. This leads to discussions that are less than contributory to the great conversation.

4:16 Jo Kelleher to present proposed bylaws changes.

4:15 Cherny calls the committee back to order while ballots are being counted.

4:14 Final: Cruz Azul 2 – Xolos 1, Revs kick off soon.

4:13 Voting is almost over. I expect the counting to take a while after voting is closed.

3:42 Campas: “I will never be establishment.” Um, dude, you’re running for DNC.

3:40 Campas begins with a poem and notes that none of the DNC members are minorities.

3:37 Roe: “We need to show that Pearce is not the face of our state.”

3:29 I will be cutting out for a bit. I can only plug in outside and I can’t be out there durring voting. I’ll be back.

3:27 A bit of a hiccup, so Bill Roe’s nominators are are now allowed to give speeches.

3:25 Rosie Lopez seconds nomination of Chris Campas.

3:24 Thomas is way over time, I think.

3:22 Sharon Thomas nominates Chris Campas.

3:21 Felecia Rotellini seconds nomination of Bill Roe.

3:20 Rep. Ruben Gallego nominates Bill Roe. Actually, “William” Roe. What’s this William?

3:19 Controversy about the rule that says that this is not a secret ballot. Those have been the DNC rules for years, somehow people have just noticed this.

3:16 Priorities: Edixon Perea has evened it up for la Maquina. Cruz Azul 1 – Tijuana Xolos 1.

3:14 Just got an e-mail from Fred DuVal; he’s following the vote on this here blog. Hi Fred!

3:12 The candidates are likely to be Bill Roe of Tucson and Chris Campas of Sierra Vista. I’ve worked with both of them in the past, Bill in my time on the Pima County Bond Committee and Chris was a volunteer for Wesley Clark’s campaign.

3:11 David Lelsz goes over the rules for election for the replacement for Fred DuVal, Democratic National Committeemember.

3:08 Note about Parraz’s speech: a couple of dozen members are outside the auditorium. It’s repressively hot in there. A couple of members of the progressive caucus stood at the doorways and announced that Parraz was about to speak in an attempt to herd everyone back in.

3:06 Treasurer’s report. Précis: we have money, but need more.

3:02 Parraz delivers one of his typically great rallying cries. He thanks volunteers as individuals, complete with their names and stories.

2:57 Randy Parraz is talking about the recall Pearce effort.

2:53 Andrei is still talking.

2:49 Letting the battery re-charge, Andrei is still talking.

2:43 Left the hall for a bit. Cherny giving a fundraising pitch for “sustaining members.” Offer includes a t-shirt.

2:38 Cherny announces the speaker for our volunteer awards dinner: Commander Mark Kelly.

2:37 Cherny talks fundraising. It’s a tougher row to hoe without a governor or Jim Pederson.

2:33 Recognition for state committee members who have been using Twitter and Facebook and getting the word out on the internet. No love for this humble blog, however.

2:29 My phone just alerted me that Moreno just scored a goal for the Tijuana Xolos against Cruz Azul. Priorities.

2:26 Nice talk from Cherny pointing out the trends underneath the election results. His thesis: with work, we can turn the state around.

2:22 Cherny says that national Democratic committees regard Arizona as one of the five most competitive states in the Union.

2:20 Oh God, here comes the Power Point.

2:17 A reference to Romney’s “corporations are people.” You can cross off that square on your Democratic meeting bingo card. Cherny: “Maybe he’ll start treating people as well as corporations.”

2:16 Cherny with more complaints about the legislature. What about saying something good about the legislature? Would make the meetings shorter, certainly.

2:12 Video presentation to the tune of Queen’s “These are the Days of Our Lives.”

2:06 Andrei Cherny makes mention of Burt Garcia of Mohave County and Bob Bland of Cochise County, both of whom have passed away since the last meeting. They are playing a short video remembrance of Bland, who was a long time leader in both the Democratic Party and the LBGT community.

2:04 Campbell: Next year “we will restore honor to Arizona.”

2:03 Chad Campbell pledges to fight against the expansion of private prisons unless they can prove that they have solved the problems that led to the escape last year.

1:56 Okay, I just got back to Flagstaff High School. Bloggers gotta eat too. Flagstaff Mayor Sara Pressler just finished a stem winder speech despite being unlit on stage. Chad Campbell is giving a talk about the importance of the redistricting process. It’s full of legislature bashing applause lines. Easy but nice to hear anyway.

9 thoughts on “Live Blogging the State Democratic Meeting

  1. So they’re talking about Pierce, but they’re not exactly puting up any quality candidates to run against him.

    There’s not a heck of a lot of time left, snap to it.

  2. Two things, Jodi: (1) A Dem can’t win in Pearce’s district. (2) His name is spelled the way I’m spelling it.

    Given some of the things you’ve written on here before, I’d think Pearce is your kind of guy.

  3. Barry, you just can’t handle someone who just doesn’t follow the party line. I believe PEARCE has been so wrong on many fronts like education and health issues.

    He only had good ideas where it came to illegal aliens, but that doesn’t overcome all the bad that he’s done.

    come up with you’re own conclusions some time; you might feel liberated.

  4. “Good ideas?” Which “good ideas?” I served with the guy for 6 years and never saw him propose anything with regard to immigration which wasn’t based on misinformation and bigotry.

    By the way, this may surprise you, but “illegal immigrant” and Mexican-American do not mean the same thing.

  5. Tom Danehy? Bristol Palin? And the difference is .. whose skirt Emil Franzi has his hand under? Or what is this about?

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