Romero Returns Stegeman Donation

Regina Romero returned a donation from TUSD Governing Board President Mark Stegeman. This is from the letter she sent to Stegeman:

Thank you for your donation to my campaign. While I appreciate your support, I strongly disagree with your position on the Mexican American Studies program within the Tucson Unified School District and for that reason I am retuming your donation. I want to send a message to fellow Democrats and the public that allowing the dismantling of the Mexican American Studies program is an unacceptable affront to democratic core values.

14 thoughts on “Romero Returns Stegeman Donation

  1. What a little “B word.” And who was trying to defend her as not being a zealot???? Being this rude to a friend, I’d hate to see how she treats her enemies.

    Did Raul tell her to do it?

    Boy, do I find this action by her as low as you can go.

  2. Jodi, given your apparent level of political savvy, I’m not sure anyone on this blog really cares how low you find this action to be.

    Anyway, the word you were eluding to was “bitch.” Way to keep it classy. Romero is a very nice person who (regardless of whether or not you agree with her politics) cares deeply about this community. She was correct to return the money, even if he is a friend. Her political beliefs must come first and this is simply proof that she won’t compromise her conscience for her friends or political allies.

    Denounce her all you want, but remember this: she’s on the council, you are on the couch.

  3. Stegeman is a good Democrat and I do like some Democrats like my Husband. He has problems with Regina and Raul too. There are people who live here that aren’t ” its all about me being Hispanic”, you know.

  4. Nice to hear about a political candidate who is willing to stand up for her values. Lucky Tucson!

  5. I thought it was a principled stand on Romero’s part. I don’t agree that Stegeman is anti-Democratic values although I disagree with his position on Mexican-American Studies. Romero expressed her position politely but clearly.

  6. I’m not, but perhaps Regina is as she returns a contribution from a white guy because he has a different pov from her. Sounds racist to me.

  7. Jodi, that might be the stupidest thing I’ve heard on this blog.

    I can’t knock you for consistency.

  8. I think that returning money from a fellow democrat is a divisive and unecessary move. What this shows is that to romero this topic trumps all other and important issues we face. We shouldn’t be fighting each other not at this critical time wouldnt the gop love to see infighting on this side too. And please, don’t resort to attacking my political savvy and intelligence if you don’t like what I am saying. I am of Hispanic descent as well so you can’t call me a racist either.

  9. Thank you Acceptance! Finally someone who understands that resorting to calling everyone you don’t agree with a racist is irrational.

  10. Uh oh I must be a bad democrat I don’t know what our core values are. I always thought we were a hodge podge of values banding together to defeat the repression of the social conservatives and gaping jaws and voracious hunger of the corporate and military overlords in their plans to reduce most humans to subservient pawns. but what do I know I don’t claim to be a local political operative. for example I have not once gone to drinking liberally and that is like a rite of passage I hear. I guess my vote will have to do, unless my vote isn’t welcome based on the new party line? what’s a good intergalactic astronaut evil defeater to do?

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