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  1. Dearest Readers,

    I’m constantly amazed at how conservatives continue to portray themselves as victims of media bias when they have a #1 news/opinion cable network in their corner and dominance of the talk-radio landscape. That’s not to defend the false notion, however, that the shooting of Cong. Giffords was brought about by a lack of partisan civility — we’re clearly seeing it was brought about by a lack of mental health.

    That being said, no party really scores very high on the civility meter, because that would involve some self-accountability, and few big-name politicians are up to that burden…

    Your Humble Servant,

  2. They have the #1 news/opinion cable network because all the other ratings are spread over a half dozen stations. If you only have one place to get your news/opinion programs from, the ratings will be high. Conservatives dominate talk radio because you can’t openly talk about the stuff the democrats want for the US, no one will listen to that Marxist, Fascist, Socialist crap for more than a couple minutes… furthermore most Democrats have no idea what they want/believe in, they have to be constantly told by their union bosses, handlers, and dictator…

  3. WC is, of course, correct. Not withstanding the fact I have never belonged to a union, employed a handler or lived under a dictatorship, I find the first thing I do every morning on waking up is consult with Richard Trumka, James A. Johnson and the ghost of Lenin.

    I can’t imagine how difficult it is for each of them to take calls from us each day so as to inform us of what our thoughts/opinions shall be, but I thank them for their dedication.

  4. Can you succinctly describe what you believe in? I doubt you can… because it changes daily and is often contradictory. Most importantly, I would guess that many democrats are afraid or embarrassed to actually publicise what they believe in.

    I’m not against all democrats, my favorite author is a democrat and has run for office at least once as the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in 1998 in Missouri’s 2nd congressional district (with 28.3% of the vote). He describes his version of being a democrat as as a “Pre-Roosevelt Democrat,” which, as he defined it, was “a Democrat without the Socialism.”

  5. Heh. I’m not against all republicans. My wife is a republican. I’ve even voted for a Republican or two (or more).

  6. Since we were locked out of the other thread…


    MR. CARNEY: Well, the White House doesn’t create jobs. The government together — White House, Congress — creates policies that allow for greater job creation. And that can be through tax cuts, for example, for working Americans; everyone who works pays a payroll tax. And the tax cut that this President pushed for, for one year, for this calendar year, he’s pushing for to be extended next year.


  7. I agree with Whocares. I think the Democrat Party was better when they tollerated segregation.

  8. Ah, yes! The good old days when the Republican Party thought states’ rights weren’t as important as the Union lasting, and when they believed that women deserved equal rights and that black people were not animals. Life was good!

  9. Way off topic, but since WC started it – that’s a very semantic argument you are making. The government establishes policies which, for example, established and maintained our military.

    The government also establishes policies which lead directly to the creation (or destruction) of many jobs … to then argue (as you seem to be) that government gets no credit for creating jobs which would not exist other than for government policies which allowed for those jobs to exist seems nonsensical.

  10. FUNNY! So you are saying that the jobs wouldn’t exist if the government didn’t create certain policy? Yes, you are correct, no one would need a lawyer and CPA to fight an IRS audit… That’s it! You have the answer! The IRS and every other government bureaucracy should go after every citizen, file tax liens against them, accuse them of heinous crimes like selling rabbits or something… then we would all have to hire an attorney, etc… AWESOME IDEA! You should go to Washington, D.C. and work for the president…

  11. Heh, no that’s not what I said, and you are quite aware of it. Obviously, there are many, many jobs which might exist regardless of government policy.

    The original statement you made was government NEVER creates jobs (or something to that effect …), and I made the case this was an invalid claim. Proved it too, as you conceded the point.

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