And Gabby Votes…

I got an e-mail from MoveOn today begging me to call Gabrielle Giffords’s office and tell her to vote “no” on the budget/debt ceiling bill. I thought, what a bunch of insensitive louts. Don’t they know she’s in no condition to vote?

As it turns out, she made it in today, and just a few minutes ago cast a “yes” vote to thunderous applause and a kiss from Raúl Grijalva.

Good deal.

9 thoughts on “And Gabby Votes…

  1. This is one dyed-in-the-wool Republican who was extremely happy to see Rep. Giffords on the House floor. Good for CD 8, good for AZ, and most importantly, good for Gabby.

  2. Who says we don’t have representation on important matters?? GO, GABBY! Best day in a long time!

  3. I am looking forward to her campaign speech’s and media interviews along with debates on the issue’s. This is great news for Gabby’s family and CD-8

  4. Walt, you forgot to put apostrophes in the words ‘interviews’, ‘debates’ and ‘news’.

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