Sensitive Much, Mr. West?

I don’t make it too much of a habit of writing about national controversies…there are so many good ones here. But I’m a bit interested in current one involving Allen West’s letter accusing Debbie Wassermann-Schultz of not being a “lady” and of being “vile and despicable” over comments she made on the floor of congress.

Her comments?

The gentleman from Florida, who represents thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, as do I, is supportive of this plan that would increase costs for Medicare beneficiaries. Unbelievable from a member from south Florida.

Yeah. Pointing out the consequences of policy that West supports is definitely beyond the pale.

This is, by the way a guy who called Barack Obama “anti-American” and the “dumbest person walking around right now.” That all is okay, but criticism on policy? That’s downright uncivil.

10 thoughts on “Sensitive Much, Mr. West?

  1. Tedski,

    There is more to the story here than just that statement that Wasserman-Shultz made. During the campaign, Wasserman-Shultz personally led protests outside of West’s campaign office. Additionally, the Flordia Democratic Party released West’s SSN in a mailer (or commercial I can’t remember exactly which) along with some other personal information about his finances that opened him to identity theft.

    This has been boiling up between these two for awhile.

  2. Dan, I’d sure like to see your (verifiable) documentation to prove your allegation about the SSN release. I’m guessing no such documentation exists except in talking points.

  3. If anyone knows vile and despicable it’s Allen West. Only a true honorable gentleman would be forced to resign his Army commission for torturing captured prisoners.

  4. USN 73-77, USAF 78-84. He was forcibly retired after firing his pistol next to the ear of a captured Iraqi.

    As far as safety of men it’s been proven that torture doesn’t work and it’s illegal not because it doesn’t work; torture is illegal because it’s immoral.

    US military had a tradition of humane treatment of prisoners, a wise policy that goes back to George Washington. It’s another sad legacy of the Bush Administration (and their enablers on both sides of the aisle in Congress) that our nation has such a nasty self-inflicted black eye.

  5. I served in the Marines and honestly I would have loved to have had a BC like Allen West.

    Agree or disagree with his action, the fact is that he took full responsibility for his actions (unlike many officers in similar situations) and did not try and pin it on a subordinate. Additionally, his unit was put into what was at the time the most hostile area in Iraq without proper resources and given a mission that his unit was not designed for (his unit was an artillery battalion and he was given an infantry mission).

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