Terri Proud has joined the anti-Independent Redistricting chorus on the right. Like Frank Antenori and Jack Harper, she seems to think that griping, stomping and whining about the process, established by a constitutional amendment passed by voters in 1998, will make it go away and they will somehow be in charge the way God and the Founders intended.

Here is how Proud and some of her colleagues seem to think this will work:

– The governor will call a special session of the legislature so they can put a referendum on the ballot. This assumes that Jan Brewer is overly enamored with Proud’s legislative colleagues and will kowtow to them just because they are having an infantile snit.

– This will pass the legislature. She’s assuming here that a majority of her colleagues will disregard the will of the voters and pass a referendum resolution for the most partisan and petty reasons. Oh wait, that is a good assumption.

– Once this resolution makes the ballot, it will get a majority of voters to go along and vote yes. Yep, there is clearly a majority of voters that thinks that politicians should be allowed to draw their own safe districts so they can be elected in perpetuity. Wake me when you can find a message that doesn’t sound like “We don’t want to have to talk to people that disagree with us to get re-elected, it’s just not right.”

– This all can happen with enough time for the legislature to draw districts so candidates can be filed by next June. Unless this process includes a resolution adding two months to the calendar, I don’t see how this can happen.

Thinking that the governor and voters would go along with such a proposal is frankly delusional. It’s the sort of delusion politicians get when they are in a bubble surrounded only by people they agree with and they have become unaccountable to the electorate. Yep: it’s the arrogance of power you get when your system lacks the accountablility produced by, you see this coming, competitive districts.

In all the complaining from Republican legislators and activists about the process, I haven’t heard anything about what they’d like to see in terms of a fair map. Do they want competitive districts (the reason why the IRC was created in the first place) or not?

NB – Among Proud’s complaints is that Chairman Colleen Mathis’s husband worked on the campaign of a Democratic legislator. Of course, he’s worked for Republicans too. Why does this particular campaign stick in her craw? It was Proud’s opponent in the last election, Nancy Young-Wright.

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  1. Chair Mathis lied app 1, 6, 8. Donated Cherney AZ Dem Party head. Attorney husb PAID Treas Tucson Dem. $$$ to Obama. She got job 2009 managing O’s Stimulus $. Picked Strategic Telemetry mgd Pres O’s campaign 2009, Kerry, Gov Brown. ST’s clients Obama, MoveOn, SEIU, AFL-CIO, state Dem parties. ST not mapping experts. Not Indep- votes liberal.Prohibits both sides own lawyers. 50% Closed Doors. No online agendas, Minutes. Limited notice meetings then cancel.AM mtgs so workers not attend.Mtgs 4-5 hrs so taxpayers leave, MoveOn remain 4 Public Comments – moved beg to end.

  2. I feel the whole idea is to delegitimize the the process so that when even slightly more competitive are drawn their base is roused to anger.

  3. Diogenes Lantern isn’t in the “on” position. The panel investigating the qualificatins of all five commissioners before they were put up as potential commissioners heard all of the comments.
    (1)Independent according to the definition of independent in the law was followed (2) Women are allowed to own property, vote, and think independent of their spouses in 2011. (3) the five commissioners, not anybody else, will determine the final maps. We all have the opportunity to speak at the open forums. Unlike the Republicans in Tucson who followed Democrats to their cars to berate and threaten them after they spoke, no Republican has claimed such activity by Democrats.

  4. I don’t recall a Republican uproar during our last redistricting, when a right-leaning California firm was hired.

  5. While the Yellow Sheet reported that “hundreds” of letters were sent to Gov Brewer complaining about the IRC, a public records request I submitted to the IRC showed only about 30. More than double that number of people turned in letters supporting the IRC during the same period (July 8-14). Brewer won’t do it because that WOULD galvanize a recall. There is no legitimate grounds for removing Mathis. Bottom line is clear headed, assertive, responsible citizens need to call the bluff of people like Proud Terri and Frank Antenori — at EVERY meeting of the IRC until they finish their job.

  6. I’m confused. Who appointed this so called “Independent?” Was it Obama or the IRC?

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