7 thoughts on “Raúl Grijalva on Rachel Maddow

  1. Let me get this straight…

    – The House passed a budget (Republican)…
    – The budget proposed by the President was shot down with a 0-97 vote…
    – Obama threatens that he won’t pay Social Security checks…
    – The democrats hold to the ideology that it is a good idea to raise taxes during a depression…

    That is funny, funny video! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  2. The house passed a budget it knew would never get passed by the Senate.

    Not paying Social Security checks is, at some point, going to happen if we end up in default. Not a threat, simply a fact.

    Closing loopholes and letting the Bush tax breaks expire are not exactly “raising taxes”, but they do raise revenue levels. Admittedly, it would be better to do that when things are going well, but then Republicans would be arguing “we have a surplus, why do we need it”, similar to what they did in the early part of this century … which started us down the road to where we are now.

  3. Grijalva looks like his body is going to ‘splode out of that cheap suit he’s wearing.

    Well, at least he’s wearing a real tie ( for a change )

  4. Bruce, do you have problems with his usual bolo tie? It’s the state neckwear, you know. Why do you hate Arizona so much?

  5. I love bolo ties and wear them myself.

    I am an Arizonan through and through. I was born here , raised here and my family first came here in 1942. Cannot imagine ever living elsewhere and wonder why you would suggest such a preposterous thing.

    You know friend……..You accuse freely of who hates who.

    I wonder who the real haters are.

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