7 thoughts on “But Hey, If Don Diamond Pays Less in Taxes, It’s All Worth It

  1. This just goes to show you that you can not count on the government to solve your problems! People solve problems, not the government. What did we do before welfare? Were people dying in the streets? No! I would encourage you to read this article: Welfare before the Welfare State


    If we take away the accountability of the people they will no longer be accountable. If we take away the responsibility of the people they will no longer be responsible. You don’t help people by giving them things, you help people by helping them become self sufficient.

    The government can not and will not solve your problems! Have you ever heard of the Bonus Army? The government attacked our own peaceful veterans. Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and George S. Patton lead the charge. Instead of attacking our own veterans all they had to do was replace the future income with a present annuity…

    You can not count on the government, no matter who is in charge!

  2. Whocares you say – “You don’t help people by giving them things, you help people by helping them become self sufficient.”

    So this is why the republicans in the legislature keep cutting education and meddling in local school board affairs.

  3. Who Cares, not teaching children an accurate history of their country is also racist crap. The deliberate manner in which the contributions of blacks, latinos, women, asians, etc., were stripped from the textbooks and curriculum models is what led to the call for specialized studies in ethnicity and gender. We are denied a full and complete education by those who do not know or care or respect the contributions of all groups. This is not racist crap. It is an education.

  4. Georgia,
    You make my point exactly! The Federal Government should not be involved in our public schools to any degree. What goes on in public schools should be dictated by those who’s children attend them. Furthermore, the private sector has proven itself superior to the public sector when it comes to schools.

    And BTW, the teaching La Raza promotes is racist crap!

  5. I find the claim the Federal Government should not have any involvement with what goes on in public schools to be among the more idiotic you have made, and that’s going a bit. Are you saying, for example, if all the parents (or even simply a one-parent majority) want to allow their students to bring loaded handguns to elementary school it should be allowed?

    Second, in cases where private sector schools have had to work under similar constraints to public sector schools (I.e., similar funding levels, generally have to take all students rather than cherry-picking) and accounting for race, gender, family income and other variables, this claim has not been supported.

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