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You didn’t hear it here first, far from it, but Rick Grinnell is the guy being talked up as a the write-in to run on otherwise blank mayor section on Republican primary ballots this year. He hasn’t yet filed according to the latest from the City Clerk, but he has until July 21st.

Grinnell had been mentioned as a Republican candidate before, but wasn’t too interested in running. Not only was he not interested in running, but he was so disinterested in the Republican primary that he helped recruit Democrat Pat Darcy to run as an independent. That’ll get the activists excited, I’m sure.

Irony alert: you remember how Republican Chair Brian Miller was so indignant about vote by mail a while back? He either forgot or chose to ignore that over 60% of Tucson’s voters vote this way already, but never mind that. It’s far easier to get a mail-in voter to write a name in than one voting at the polls. That’s right: after calling it an invitation to massive fraud, Miller is going to be encouraging his folks to vote by mail.

Thank you Dan Gibson for catching this: Democratic write-in David Karr has a website. In it, you’ll find ideas like bringing Don Francisco to Tucson, prosecuting Bob Walkup and getting rid of red light cameras.

This is from his bio:

David is interested in being a standup comedian and has taken comedy improv classes. David has been working on his 2 minute act, so he can attend open mike night at Laff’s Comedy Club. And he wants to buy a Rogers antique drum set. and play again, he finds it a great stress reliever.

Finally, that Tucsonan that embodies the qualities of Mike Sterner and Bruce Halper.

10 thoughts on “Write-in Update

  1. Don’t forget Karr’s idea to end the Rio Nuevo project and return all of the funding to the people…by building an amusement park.

  2. He should get one of them fancy ‘paid for by’ boxes on his website.

    And maybe a picture

    And an editor

  3. I am working with no funds at this time. I used that website because it was free and I will expand the site, as soon I receive some donations. I am looking for volunteers to work on my campaign. If you would like to volunteer, email mail David at karrfortucsonmayor@gmail.com with your name and number and he will get back to you asap.

  4. David,

    With all due respect to your candidacy, I might suggest that – given your late start and lack of funds – you might consider engaging with Mr. Rothschild’s campaign and sharing your ideas. It might be more realistic to join the Rothschild team than run a write in campaign at so late a stage. If that doesn’t suit you, than sincere good luck to you in the race ahead.

  5. To Tucson Vice:
    With your comment it is obvious he has no ideas, but to put this city in bankruptcy, maybe that is agenda to become Tucson bankruptcy attorney.

  6. He has no vision for Tucson future but bankrupting the city, with the Rio Nuevo Project and not selling TCC. His only has one agenda keeping the Rio Nuevo Project, insure he gets richer, along with all his cronies. Does he have second agenda with bankrupting the city and his firm handle the bankruptcy? He does not care about the working class. Since he is wealthy is he going to put his $3600 a month salary back into general fund? I assume you work on his committee? I WANT TO DEBATE HIM AND IF HE DOES NOT, WHY WOULD A BIG TIME LAWYER NOT WANT TO DEBATE A HARD WORKER LIKE ME?

  7. Not going to lie, my absolute favorite part of Karr’s website is this:

    “Since the L.A. Dodgers are going broke, we should bring them to Tucson, with a group of business leaders and call them the TUCSON DODGERS, that would help the return of Spring Training”

    From now ON, I’m going to CAPITALIZE random words for the SHEER hilarity. Also all SPORTS teams must be in all caps. No EXCEPTIONS.

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