The Anti-Anti-Pearce Committee

I’m sure you all heard that the folks who are hoping to recall Russell Pearce turned in their signatures yesterday. For those keeping score:

Signatures turned in by recall committee: 18,615
Votes for Russell Pearce in the 2010 election: 17,552

A committee reportedly formed by Russell Pearce’s supporters has sprouted and they have a website. There isn’t much to it aside from attacks on the organizers of the recall and a fundraising link. I also got a fundraising e-mail from Pearce attacking the “liberal elite.”

Yes, you know that liberal elite that is so near-omnipotent in this state that it allowed Russell Pearce to become president of the Senate.

I’m waiting for Pearce to start accusing recall organizers of being dissident Democrats and members of the militant homosexual lobby.

Funny thing, though. I poked around the Secretary of State page and didn’t see any filing for the group ostensibly behind the website, Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall. The e-mail, professedly from Pearce and from a URL which matches that of the website, also raises money for this unaccounted for group.

A bit odd, given that he seems to be developing a line of attack that nefarious national left wing forces are conspiring. You’d think he’d be a little more open about who’s funding him.

One thought on “The Anti-Anti-Pearce Committee

  1. This website is actually pretty funny. If you look closely at the stylized background imagery, you’ll see that it contains an upside-down American flag. (I’m sure this was just a mistake, but it’s still funny.)

    A glance at the domain registration indicates the site’s developer paid extra for GoDaddy’s “private registration” service, an unusual maneuver for a political website. This service prevents users from looking up who registered the domain.

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