I’m Sure the Paperwork Just Got Misplaced

The local Democrats sent out a press release last week bragging that Jonathan Rothschild and a full slate of Democrats had turned in their signatures to qualify for the ballot. They had also tweaked the Republicans a bit for not yet turning in their signatures.

For some reason, the local Republicans actually responded, thereby making it more of a story for the folks at the Weekly. It seemed hardly worth the bother; of course their candidates will file. They have another couple of weeks, after all.

But, they couldn’t leave it there. Friday, the Pima County Republicans sent out their “eTracks” newsletter claiming that Jennifer Rawson had filed her signatures. Well, according to the City Clerk’s office, she hadn’t filed them Friday, and hadn’t as of this morning.


Hey Sam Stone, word of advice…eh…never mind.

4 thoughts on “I’m Sure the Paperwork Just Got Misplaced

  1. Maybe they believed their own talking points and the whole thought of going into downtown into all the ‘blight’ and disrepair has them scared to drive past the snake bridge

  2. Maybe they just meant that Rawson had filed them, like, in a filing cabinet or something.

  3. The Pima County Republican Party is controlled by the same sort of people who think that the President is Malcolm X’s Kenyan love child and that Planned Parenthood spends ninety-something percent of its money on abortions. Can you expect them to be the least bit embarassed by issuing a statement that they know can easily be proven wrong?

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