Mayor Race Update

I woke up with a huge headache this morning. I thought it was my allergies going nuts, but I’m not so sure now.

Yesterday, Jon McClane dropped out of the Green Party primary for mayor, citing infighting within the Green Party. He endorsed Shaun McClusky citing his positions on sustainability issues.

I won’t purport to be intimately familiar with every part of McClusky’s platform, but I’ve been to a couple of his public appearances and his rhetoric doesn’t exactly smack of a guy who is passionate about sustainability.

Trying to wrap my head around the concept of McClusky as environmental champion must be the real cause of my headache this morning.

I don’t know which is odder, McClane making out like his leaving the race was out of some principle rather than his lack of eligibility or McClusky getting a press hit out of the endorsement of a guy with a negligible constituency.

In other candidate news, Pat Darcy pulled papers to run as an independent. Darcy ran in the 1999 Democratic primary for mayor, and I worked for him. He’s got a big challenge ahead of him: he needs to collect 2596 signatures by June 1st. That’s well over 100 signatures, all from people who have not signed the petitions for other candidates (see CORRECTION), a day between now and then.

An R-Cubed correspondent reported being accosted to sign a petition for Marshall Home, who still doesn’t realize that he can’t actually run I guess. For some reason, our correspondent signed.

CORRECTION: The original post said that signers of Darcy’s petitions had to be members of no recognized political party. I was told by several long time campaigners that this was not correct; he can get the signatures of anyone who has not signed for another candidate. The Star regrets the error.

7 thoughts on “Mayor Race Update

  1. Here’s the thing with the signatures: he can get ’em from anyone, but any signature he gets from any voter who has already signed someone else’s partisan nominating petition becomes invalid. So if he presents the City Clerk with signatures from Republicans who’ve already signed for McClusky (or, heaven forbid, Asta), McClusky can have those disqualified. Same goes for Rothschild or, theoretically anyway, whatever Greens or Libertarians are in the race.

    The prospect of Darcy getting that far seems nearly impossible. Some have suggested to me that, with paid canvassers, his goal might be within reach. I still think it’s quite a stretch. He’d have to show that he raised the money first (the rules are strict; you can’t spend from contributions you haven’t yet collected), and his campaign didn’t even exist until last Friday.

  2. Sadly, it seems some Dems are backstabbing JR and the party and pushing people to support Darcy. One of his campaign chairs, Janet Hare, was a potential Dem candidate in Ward 6 a couple of cycles ago.

  3. It might seem that way, but be careful to discern real indications from deliberately placed illusions. This looks to me a lot like the latter.

    Here’s what I see: a certain clique of disaffected pals of a former city manager see Rothschild’s ascendency to the tenth floor as another nail (as if another were needed) in the coffin of their Big Regional Vision.

    And so they offer up poor Pat Darcy, who knew no better than to say yes. In this adventure he’ll certainly fail, and he’ll learn unfortunate things about these admirers of his, but they’ll be worth learning.

  4. I read your post about the green candidate withdrawing and supporting the Republican. I heard a radio report that Dave Ewolt (sp?) had taken out petitions to run as a green for mayor.

  5. re: mayor race; green withdrawal and support of Republican. Didn’t it happen the same time a genuine green filed for petitions? Seems to me like the firsat guy was a Republican shill. Once a genuine green got in the race, he was no longer needed to offer an alternative to siphon votes from J. Rothschild.

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