“All Are Welcome”

Believe it or not, this ad has started a kerfuffle not on the right, but on our side. The progressive Christian group Sojourners refused to run the ad on their website, not wanting to “take sides.” Sojourners hasn’t been shy about taking sides on the Republican budget plan, the war in Afghanistan and any number of important, controversial and sometimes unpopular issues, but these ostensible liberals are somehow squeamish about saying that “all are welcome”? Who exactly is such a message controversial for, Rick Santorum?

Geez guys. Have you read your own website?

Sarah Posner, as usual, has a great post on the issue.

16 thoughts on ““All Are Welcome”

  1. WTF? Hmm.. Leviticus 18:22..and the rest of the chapter. Maybe they are a Bible church…

    I think we should force someone to change their beliefs in order pirate the gay movement! Why is the government involved in any type of marriage regulation in the first place? Isn’t that one of the reasons why we are here on this continent?

    I’m just glad the Democrats got rid of the KKK, lead the suffrage movement, freed the slaves, gave amnesty to the illegals in 1986, rewrote the history books, and the gave “Mother Earth”, plants and animals the same rights as man…

    Just keeping it snarky around here..

  2. Who-

    No one is asking for Sojourners to change their views in order to “pirate the gay movement” (I’m sure you mean placate). They are asking for them to honor the views on tolerance that they give in their own mission statement.

  3. Tedski,
    You need a dictionary! Tolerance does not mean acceptance or promotion. The video implies that the Sojourners should accept AND promote gay views. Why not have two guys going at in one of the pews, should they support that too?

  4. BTW, Tedski, kudos to you for not attacking me directly again… very impressive, you have grown…

  5. Tedski-

    Maybe this Sojourners “Christian” group of libs that I’ve never heard about finally heard something about that Christ that you say they profess. Homosexuality is a sin against God. It’s actually pretty simple.

    You’re right though. They should be taking sides & straddling the fence in order to not offend their lib anti-Christian contributors doesn’t help them politically on the left or show that they truly are Christian either. They just look like normal libs who can’t be forced to decide whether or not something is wrong or right. It’s the longtime corrosive liberal view of “moral relativism” that they support here by not taking a stand either way.

  6. In other non-gay news, why haven’t you commented yet on this ridiculous movement by Pima County nutty libs to secede from the State of Arizona & create a new Baja Arizona?

    First of all, why are they planning to waste taxpayer money on a nonbinding ballot initiative that has no chance of passing & even if it did would lose in the Arizona State Legislature & has even less chance of passing in the US Congress.

    You give me 60 Senate votes to override a filibuster of Baja Arizona becoming a State & I’ll give you $1 million.

  7. Tyler-

    You just called my religiosity into question because you disagree with my politics, and now you want my opinion on Baja Arizona?

  8. Tedski-

    I find it interesting that you question the religiosity of the Sojourners group but take offense when you feel I question yours.

    But if you are pro-gay marriage & I believe that you are a Roman Catholic if I remember right, I would question your understanding of your own faith in that regard since the Roman Catholic Church is openly opposed to gay marriage based upon the fact that the Bible unequivocally lists homosexuality as a sin.

    If you’re not a Catholic, I apologize for the incorrect recollection. But anybody who considers him or herself to be a Christian or practicing Jew should understand that certain actions are considered to be sins. And that churches are not supposed to parade sinners around as living acceptable lives.

    Nobody’s perfect when it comes to following the Christian faith, so I do not mean this as a smear since I am also far, far from perfect. But churches are not supposed to teach that sinful behavior is acceptable. As the saying goes: “Love the sinner; Hate the sin.”

    I believe that all Christian churches should allow the couple portraying lesbians with a child to peacefully attend their congregation because the lesbian couple also needs to know that the things they do that are wrong are sins before God just like the other parishioners need to know that their sins are unacceptable before God. Maybe society’s constant lie that homosexuality is now somehow okay have affected that couple & God’s truths about the matter had never been taught to them. Either way, it is the duty of Christians to teach truth without fearing that they will be mocked for doing so.

  9. what if we stopped justifying our fear of people who are different from us by quoting the laws some petty theocrats forced on their illiterate subjects 3,000 years ago? could we do that?

  10. Rando-

    Well, that’s also quite an intolerant thing to say. Why do you justify your fear of people who are different & believe that God Himself told Moses & the other Biblical prophets what to write in the Bible?

    Either way – what does mentioning historic rates of literacy do other than destroy your point? Now that literacy rates are much higher & just about anybody can read the Bible since it is widely available, people can see for themselves that homosexuality is considered to be a sin according to “the Good Book”.

  11. I’ve seen for myself the way gay people are. They’re loving, kind, mature, thoughtful individuals, like most other people. Some person’s insistence that it’s intolerant of me to ask them why they choose to not see gay people for who they are does not convince me that gay people should be excluded from America.

  12. Tyler M,

    You have commented here about how the bible addresses homosexuality. This remains the singular focus of today’s Christians, yet they have somehow missed hundreds of bible passages devoted to the themes of love and compassion.

    In fact, many people who call themselves “Christians” seem to spend a great deal of time showing disdain for other human beings. Gays, Mexican-Americans, Muslim-Americans, African Americans, Liberals (“libs”),the poor, and the elderly, are among the growing list of people who are not worthy of their love. I guess it’s no wonder they missed the point of the “Good Book.”
    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35


    Exactly. That’s why I said that lesbians must be welcome into Christian congregations so that they too can know how to better their lives & change through following the commandments of God.

    If I knew a thief & invited him or her to church, it wouldn’t be to show him or her that I loved that he or she thought robbing people was okay. It would be to show that person that I loved him or her as a son or daughter of God & believed that Christ could change that person so that he or she wouldn’t want to steal from others anymore.

    Following the commandment to “love one another” means that we support people as they change & help them change. Helping someone get closer to God in a nonjudgmental way is the most important thing we can do for anybody to show that we love them. We will all fall short, so we can’t judge others unjustly or that same unjust judgment we be the one God gives us.

    I’m sure that everybody has at least one sin that is difficult for them to overcome. We all need support in trying to overcome those things that keep us from following God.

    I have no doubt that there are people who live homosexual lifestyles who are very good people. But with that said, it doesn’t mean that we have to ignore the fact that homosexuality is a sin. If a man is perfect in every way, except for (a), (b), or (c), then that’s what that man needs to work on. Any degree of imperfection will separate us from God.

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