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This week, there was a bit of buzz about a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling that had several hypothetical match ups for next year’s US Senate race. Much of the commentary centered on the numbers showing that Gabrielle Giffords would beat all comers should she make a go of it. I don’t think I was the only one gratified that after her poor me “blood libel” comments, Sarah Palin would get skunked by Giffords in a hypothetical (and vanishingly unlikely) match up.

But one thing that hasn’t been commented on too much is that the poll shows that a contest between likely Republican nominee Jeff Flake and former Attorney General Terry Goddard would start as a tie. Either Goddard’s under-performance in our last Governor’s race hasn’t diminished his reputation with voters, or Flake isn’t nearly the conquering hero our state’s political media have made him out to be.

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  1. The problem with “Shirtless Congressman Beefcake Flake” is that he’s a pro-amnesty zealot who conservatives can barely stand.

    Flake has long pushed for normalizing relations with the communist thug dictator Fidel Castro.

    Flake also voted to end the military ban on people who live openly gay lifestyles serving in the American Armed Forces.

    Of course, conservatives wouldn’t be at all excited about voting for such a terrible candidate. We wanted a real conservative like Trent Franks. But we still hold out hope that a real conservative will come forward & challenge Flake.

    The problem has been that for whatever reason, the traditionally conservative Club for Growth has thrown all of their support behind Flake. I still can’t figure out why since Flake’s not a conservative.

  2. Goddard didn’t lose because people didn’t like him. He went into the race with very high favorability while Brewer’s numbers were dismal. Brewer’s fortunes improved dramatically with the SB1070 scam.

  3. There is also the strong possibility the poll just isn’t accurate… I mean a lot of the GOP don’t like flake but in the end they will hold their nose and vote yes especially if its close… So really if goddard were to run ill call it now… He loses by jim pederson type margin 9-10 points

  4. Apparently the only criteria that Mr. M has for a person being conservative or not is if they hate brown people and Americans who want to defend their country while not also lying about who they are.

  5. Please Tedski……..whomever the GOP nominates to succeed Senator Jon Kyl I pray the democrat party will select THREE time loser Terry Goddard as their nominee.

    Your “poll” is a bit skewed Tedski considering no one has any clue whether Gabby Giffords will be cleared for action in 2012.

    I wouldn’t place all your eggs in one basket here my liberal friend. That is quite a bit of pressure to place on someone who has sustained such a serious injury. I don’t think it is fair to do that to her and her family at this time .

    2012 looks to be another Republican year from here to DC.

    Sorry Pal.

  6. Bruce,
    I think you sound concerned about losing the Senate seat rather than actually concerned for Gabby’s well-being.

    Also, tossing around spiteful terms (democrat party, liberal) isn’t a very valid way of getting people to take you seriously.

  7. “cleared for action?” What do you think Gabby is, an experimental rocket?

  8. Oh boy……..we have a REAL debate here !! I hope our host Tedski doesn’t turn on his posting filter.

    The facts are that liberal dems in Arizona have NO real candidate that can compete for US Senate in 2012.If so then Tedski would have come up with a viable list of possible challengers.

    Jeff Flake has an impressive record of service. He will make any Arizonan who is interested in government accountability and preservation of our national interests and values very proud to call him our senator.

    Appleblossom…….you shouldn’t read so much into what I write. Your come back was very cynical. You should know better…I have considered Gabby a friend for over a decade. While we don’t agree politically I happen to think very highly of her and truly do wish her a full and complete recovery. Everyone who is a friend feels the same. She has always been a remarkable person.

    It is comments from you and Taylor that regrettably show that you have little concern for Gabby’s well being as a person and not just as your political candidate in the upcoming election.

    And since when is referring to a Liberal as a Liberal considered cynical? If some one referred to me as a Conservative I would be proud of the association. Perhaps that is why some Liberals have shed that title for “Progressive?” Oh yeah, the rest of us cannot see the difference.

    As for the Democrat Party …….. the Democratic Party has not been the Democratic Party since real statesmen like Morris Udall, John Kennedy, and Henry Jackson were alive. You have been the party of run away government, class warfare and defeatism who has been bought for and paid off by big labor ,personal injury lawyers and Wall Street sharpies for years.

    Very truly yours…….

  9. My comeback was an expression of distaste at you referring to a “friend” in such callous terms.

  10. Mr. Ash,

    Your posts here lack any information content whatsoever. If Mr. Flake is so awesome you would be able to name a single piece of significant legislation. As for Tedski’s post it included the factual result of a poll that included a dead heat between Goddard and Flake. Quite a speculative result considering that an open border advocate like Flake has little hope of winning the nomination in the 1070, birthed inspired Republican Party of todays

  11. Somewhere along the line Democrats will have to stop using tragedy to mask history. Congresswomen Gifford’s came within a few thousand votes of being beaten by a Republican with no legislative history or name recognition. The only positive comment I have heard is she has a good dealing with her constituents. She certainly proposed earmarks but I’m having trouble finding Legislation she authored that got passed.

    Her attempted assassination and the death of those around her was and is a tragedy of monumental proportions but this certainly doesn’t change her legislative history.

  12. Apparently no one is paying attention to what happened the last election cycle or to basic science…

  13. Tyler M – you all have distorted the word Conservative so much you don’t even know what it means. I am not a Flake fan but he is (or was before he recently started ‘I was for it before I was against it’ routine)a true conservative who championed low spending and personal liberties. Its only the new GOP who think that spending massive dollars on border fences is a means to economic prosperity and legislating morality are conservative qualities.

    Bruce – it wasn’t “tedski’s” poll can’t you read man? You spent all that time attacking the messenger for no good reason other than to show your disdain and vitriol.

    Bad form “my friend” lol!

  14. Barbarella– I loved your movie from back in the 60’s.

    I certainly understood the poll was not done by Tedski. What I commented on was the content of the poll and his conclusions that he jumped to as in his party was likely to win the post which is impossible.

  15. Hey I am glad you liked it Bruce. Its good to know that you do have a sense of humor and aren’t a tight bum (this is not a cussing forum). I hope you can laugh at yourself as well like I do (laugh at myself that is).

  16. Barbarella-

    Don’t confuse conservatives with libertarians. The two are very different. They typically agree on fiscal issues but widely diverge when it comes to social issues.

    We’ve now seen how the slippery slope supported by Flake’s vote on gays in the military has now gotten worse. It was just made public today that in the US Navy, the head of Navy Chaplins has now authored a memo on how to conduct gay marriages in the Navy, which is completely against federal law. The Federal Defense of Marriage Act, which our would-be dictator Obama, arbitrarily decided he didn’t have to defend anymore specifically states that federal employees & property cannot be used for conducting “gay marriages”.

    So, while Jeff Flake says he’s a conservative, he’s now part of the reason why the Navy now believes it can soon conduct gay marriages.

  17. Tyler give me a break. There is nothing conservative about imposing laws having to do with social and moral concerns for all laws cost money to oversee, administrate and enforce and defend in court – bigger government. If those costs are not addressed as is often the case in this state, it is fiscal irresponsibility and that is not conservative either.

  18. Barbarella-

    Conservatives are not libertarians & libertarian philosophy is not always conservative.

    Conservatives believe in law & order, where libertarians are much more in favor of anarchism. Conservatives believe that our rights are endowed upon us by God and that as government makes laws to protect “life, liberty & property”, it is also government’s obligation to create an orderly society with laws promoting morality & the overall good of society. Since libertarians need not believe that our rights are God-given, they have no obligation to promote laws that would be in accordance to God’s moral standards.

    The root of the word “conservative” is “conserve”. Thus when it comes to moral standards, real conservatives want to conserve & not destroy or ignore the Biblical moral norms passed down to us through centuries of Judeo-Christian teachings.

  19. Hmmm I see nothing about sex and marriage in your quote of what needs protections. Nor do I see anything requiring putting the needs of potential life over the needs of current lives. Biblical norms are just that biblical – did you know not everyone follows the bible and that everyone has the right to pursue religious freedom per the constitution?

    It appears a social conservative is not a fiscal conservatives nor a constitutionalist. Thanks for the clarification I’m learning more and more each day. s/o

  20. To quote the anti Mexican-American studies folks – learn your Judeo-Christian teachings on your own time it is and elective value not a “core” value of this country.

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