What Was Weak Last Week

Usually, I provide a summary of bits that, for one reason or another, I didn’t write about over the previous week. Instead of that, I’ll just focus on one: morning talk radio “personality” Jon Justice apparently doesn’t know how local government actually works.

It would be excusable if this he was having trouble naming the Pima County reps on the CAWCD or the finer points of waste water IGAs, but this one is a biggie.

Both David Abie Morales over at Three Sonorans and Mari Herreras at the Weekly did a good job covering this, but it is fun to reiterate it. Justice called for Chuck Huckleberry to fire Richard Elías. For those who aren’t keeping track (such as Mr. Justice), Huckleberry is the County Administrator and Elías is a County Supervisor. Elías is responsible for hiring and firing Huckleberry, not the other way around.

In other words, demanding that Huckleberry fire Elías would be like demanding that TUSD Superintendent John Pedicone fire board members Judy Burns and Adelita Grijalva.

Oh wait, he did that too.

Like I said, if this were some obscurity or unique practice in Southern Arizona, I’d get it. But, you’d be hard pressed to find a jurisdiction in the country where a bureaucrat can fire an elected official, especially the elected official responsible for hiring the bureaucrat in the first place.

Huckleberry’s office fielded calls from Justice’s sycophants, who, like Justice, didn’t realize that the supervisors are elected officials. If they haven’t noticed they are casting votes for county supervisor, how much care are they taking with the rest of their votes?

2 thoughts on “What Was Weak Last Week

  1. The ignorance, or lack of information, shown about our electoral processes in the state of Arizona continue to amaze me. I attribute it to the presence of tens of thousands of temporary or permanent residents who started elsewhere. We also hear calls for the Mayor to get involved in the school system. We need to offer a meaningful seminar on how election districts are structured for voting purposes. I used to do that when teaching citizenship classes for immigrants.

  2. I say we call Chuck and demand a promotion and raise for Richard! Hey, if chuck can fire him, he can do this too!! 🙂

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