They Are Lining Up, Sort Of

There’s a wee bit of news on next year’s Democratic US Senate primary: we have candidates.

Well, candidates to be candidates. Candidates to be explorers. Condsiderers.

Is that a word?

A reader commented on a previous post that House Minority Leader Chad Campbell may run. I phoned up Campbell and he confirmed that, indeed, this is a rumor.

Yes, it’s breaking news and sure footed facts like that that you come here for, isn’t it?

I met a guy last night named David Crowe (who is not the Seattle based comedian). Crowe is President of Tucson Embedded Systems, a local company that develops components and software for the aerospace industry. He’s looking at the senate race and would like to make a go of it. He’s got an interesting profile: a young small businessman involved in the defense industry who is interested in issues of education and workforce development. He was born in Yuma, brought up in Sierra Vista, started a business in Tucson and has family ties to Jerome, so he’s got several geographic bases covered.

Earlier this week, Daniel Patterson talked about throwing his hat in the ring too. The Yellow Sheet got some comments from him and he said “timing is important.” I’ll leave that one at that.

Of course, all of this is dependent on Gabrielle Giffords’s continued recovery and what her plans are. Whether or not she runs, I hope that she is in a position to make that decision free from having to think of health considerations.

6 thoughts on “They Are Lining Up, Sort Of

  1. Timing is important. Not doing drugs and not abandoning your family is important too, but timing is important.

  2. Good luck with that, Kirk. One thing to keep in mind: Beginning with the 1994 election, nine Republicans (Shadegg, Salmon, Hayworth, Flake, Franks, Renzi, Gosar, Schweikert, Quayle) have been elected to open Arizona Congressional seats or have defeated Democrats occupying those seats. Of those nine, only two have been former members of the State Legislature: Franks, who served one undistinguished term in the House eighteen years before he won CD-02, and Matt Salmon, the guy Adams is running against.

    By contrast, three of the four new Democratic Congresspeople during that period (Giffords, Kirkpatrick, and Mitchell) were former state legislators. Only Raul Grijalva was not.

    The takeaway: Arizonans may like electing Republican Congresspeople, but they hate the Republican state legislators.

  3. How often I have heard folks say let’s get them out of the legislature and the state and into congress where they can’t do any harm to us directly. They will be diluted in their power there.

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