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I didn’t say much about the TUSD board meeting the other night, and I really should have. There were other solid accounts of the meeting, though, like the one that Mari Herreras wrote on the Weekly’s blog.

I got a call last night from a friend who is supportive of the ethnic studies cirriculum, but was confused about what would be so bad about cutting it back to electives. I told her that my concern with that is that the structure that the program offers is a big part of its success.

More than that though, who is to say that narrowing the program down to a few electives is going to satisfy Tom Horne and John Huppenthal? Although this is being painted in some quarters as a reasonable compromise, I have my doubts it will tone down the vehemence of attacks from opponents. Their problem isn’t the number of classes that students in the program are taking, their problem is with the content of those classes. A politician looking to ride this ginned up controversy upward (I’m looking at you, Horne) can and will make hay out of this no matter if ethnic studies is a program, elective or a lunch time club meeting on alternate Thursdays.

The other thing I worry about is if TUSD folds on this one because they hope to “compromise” to keep the wolves at bay, what happens if next legislative session, some back bencher looking for fame gets an urge to come after “radical” or “offensive” books that get taught in English classes? What about evolution or sex ed? It ain’t exactly beyond imagining given what we saw this session.

By the way, you can pass a motion to adjourn durring executive session? Since when? And whose bright idea was it to reschedule the meeting for May 5th? They might have known about that one if they took a Raza studies class.

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  1. Also, electives are the first classes that get slashed during budget cuts… which are coming in Arizona…

    I can hear Pedicone and Stegeman already… we really are trying… it’s just that budget cuts and all… bye bye MAS!

  2. This was truly appalling. It made me sad for what Our Once Great Country has become! How much has George Soros paid them to act like hoodlumns?

    Even the far-left liberal Arizona Daily (RED) Star has condemed their actions!! I took a pole of all my democrat friends, and they were 100% opposed to the spectacal that we witnessed here in Tucson. My hispanic friend, who immagrated here LEGALLY from Cuba, told me that he didnt like this either. So, who do these thugs think they are speaking for? Its not the majority, that’s for sure!!!!

    They keep talking about civil rights, which shows a lot of nerve. The civil rights icons of the 1960s like Martin Luther King and Julio Cesar Chavez, NEVER disrespected the authorities like this with sit-ins and noisy mass demonstrations!!

    What a disgrace. They should all go back to where they came from.

  3. I am confused. By definition “core” is a set of subjects or courses that make up a required portion of a curriculum. If the Mexican American classes are not required for all they aren’t core, and the other way around. Its not like any ethnicity in the history of the US gets a full telling of the truth in those classes anyway.

    Budget cuts happen regardless. You don’t see band geeks storming the stage and chaining themselves to podiums (former BG myself).

    Life is unfair dontcha know.

  4. To promote ethnic studies for those with Mexican heritage alone is wrong. To be fair, TUSD also needs to inclued ethnic studies for Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern, possibly Jewish and any other ethnicity you can think of. To single out only one is both dangerous and possibly unconstitutional. TUSD is using public tax dollars to discriminate.

  5. Classes are open to every ethnicity and are taken by a wide variety of students. Tedski is right. TUSD is sooooo wrong on this issue. When was the last time you saw students fight for thier educational rights. Horne and Huppenthal will never be appeased. The Board can save embarassment by voting down this resolution and firing Pedicone instead. Que Viva Nuestra Lucha! Thanks for writing about this issue. Please give your readers more information on this issue.

  6. Anyone who thinks the TUSD demonstration was orchestrated by high school kids is a fool or being lied to.

  7. Mr. Stephenson’s post reminds me of the music industry executive, who, annoyed that the Arcade Fire received a Grammy, took out a full page ad alledging a conspiracy. His evidence that there was a conspiracy was the fact that the band played an unscheduled set after getting their award. He maintained that there was absolutely no way this could have happened, ignoring the fact that the band has been touring steadily for the last several years, and such things should have come easy for them. But, because the “artists” he worked with (e.g. Justin Bieber) would never be able to do such a thing, it was beyond the limits of his tiny little mind and he could not even imagine that a bunch of working musicians would be capable of actually playing music.

    Walt, I am not a fool. I do think that these kids were capable of “orchestrating” this. Do you know how I know? I actually talked to some of them.

    That’s right. I did not rely on tweets from “Jon Justice” or Bruce Ash or daniel scarpinato or whoever. I did not base my opinion solely on an offensive and dishonest op-ed from Superintendent Pedicone. I relied on actual facts. Funny that.

    I know that it is hard for you to believe that a bunch of Mexican kids are capable of figuring these things out.

  8. Tom,
    I guess I missed your method of finding the truth beyond a reasonable doubt and to a morale certainty by interviewing some kids that were involved. Is that all you have? I’m very glad you don’t depend on tweets because as you know they would be very unreliable. “A bunch of Mexican kids”? is this profiling on your part. Where they Mexican citizens as you described them? This would change things dramatically if your observation is correct. Thank you for the new information.

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