The Realm of Possibility

I read this morning that the Icecats, officially a student “club team,” has been taken over by the U of A’s Campus Recreation Department and long time owner/coach Leo Golembiewski has been pushed aside.

So, when does the legislature get involved in this? I’m sure that Andy Biggs will soon have some bill to make it impossible for the U of A to do this. He’ll put the management of the club where he thinks it belongs: in the hands of a committee picked by his fellow legislators. How long before we get the overwrought, cynical missive from Bruce Ash decrying the U of A’s takeover of one of its own institutions? No doubt, it’s being done because someone that Ash doesn’t like wants to run for something. Right?

Not like they have ever thought of doing this in reaction to any such action by the University, of course.

2 thoughts on “The Realm of Possibility

  1. I waas an Icecats fan for quite a while. Golembieski did a good thing, sinking his lottery winnings into creating a team that won a national championship some years back. Good job, Leo.

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