But Those Are Our People

I’ve been having some fun with the continued hand-wringing from local Republicans about Tucson’s plans to make our elections a nearly entirely vote by mail affair (given how many of us already vote by mail, it won’t be a change for most Tucson voters). Local Republican pooh-bah Brian Miller tried to connect this with voter fraud in a message to Republican activists on the eve of the council vote on the matter, and Ted Vogt (whose brother is a council candidate) amended a bill last week at the legislature seemingly in an attempt to ban Tucson from going to vote by mail.

Here’s the funny part: Oro Valley and Sahuarita already do entirely vote by mail elections. Oro Valley has been doing it for quite some time. If he’s seen evidence of a wave of voter intimidation and fraud in these elections, Miller should let us know about it.

Or is a vote by mail program, which might increase turnout, only a good thing in wealthier, mostly white, Republican enclaves? Not that class, race or partisanship has anything to do with anything.

7 thoughts on “But Those Are Our People

  1. no one should ever ask Tedski if he’s read about whatever he’s blogging about.
    The answer is always yes!

  2. Tedski,
    You’ve read the section….city, town or school districts MAY conduct a mail ballot election for non partison elections held by city, town or school district.

    It is your opinion this “strike over” is part of a vast conspiracy?

  3. I don’t think it’s a vast conspiracy so much as a clumsy way to say that the legislature doesn’t authorize mail-in balloting in partisan council races.

    What other purpose does the language serve? Jurisdictions “may” already (and already do) have mail-in balloting.

    But hey, what would ever give me the idea that the legislature wants to tell Tucson how to run its elections?

  4. Tucson’s Chicago-style election system is the crisis of our age, and I hope that Tom Horn investigates it thouroughly and shuts it down. What we need is a Michigan-style law that will allow the state to come in and take over. We need right-thinking conservatives to take this city back from the labor unions and south-siders which have been allowed to run things into the ground! Thank g-d for Frank Antenori! I say we appoint Josh Brodeski and Rob O’Dell as special administrators! They will clean things up!

  5. The reason Ted,is you are paranoid. I’ve heard it said it is okay to be paranoid if they are really out to get you.

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