One thought on “No Franks and Beans

  1. I have no idea who John Conlon or Sam Steiger is, but I’m too lazy (or disinterested in finding out about them) to look it up either.

    Either way, this is sad news. Trent Franks was a much better candidate than Shirtless Congressman Beefcake Jeff Flake.

    Hopefully, a real conservative will go up against Flake in the primary, but maybe they are afraid of all the Club for Growth cash & endorsements that are going Flake’s amnesty-loving way.

    It is sad when Jeff Flake who opposes border security & doing anything about illegal immigration is the only candidate running on the Republican ticket – or at this point either ticket for that matter.

    Flake’s support for normalizing relations with communist thug dictator Fidel Castro & Flake’s abhorrent vote to allow people who openly live gay lifestyles to serve in the military will hopefully cause some real conservative to take on Flake & eventually win the General Election in November of next year.

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