Do Ron Run?

Ron Asta will be running an ad for his mayor’s race with a rather novel message:

Should I be running for this office?

Okay, for those who don’t know the background: seven years ago, Asta was involved in a traffic accident that killed a high school student named Jennifer Reeves. He was cited for failure to yield and couldn’t be breathalized because he had left the scene for two hours.

Tragic mistakes that have horrible consequences are made by the best of us. However, rather than being contrite, Asta has seemed to brush off the incident. When he announced, he mentioned, and apologized for, a bizarre shoplifting incident that has been a joke in political circles since I was in junior high, but made no mention of the accident. He kinda hoped people would forget, I suppose.

He also hasn’t seemed to have changed his driving habits.

So here is the ad you will start seeing. Please note that Asta wants us all to know that the victim was not wearing a seat belt. Way to keep the focus on your own mistakes, Ron.

The question isn’t should he run, it’s why he thinks he has any business running.

7 thoughts on “Do Ron Run?

  1. Asta probably knew exactly what he was doing by leaving and avoiding a breathalyzer. He has been quite the drinker over the years and nobody can dispute that.

  2. Most States have changed their highway collision reports from “Accident Reports” to “Crash Reports” Why? Because an accident by short definition is “an act of God.” Most crashes have one or more causes, e.g.; driver error, speed, highway design, DUI, etc. etc. Please don’t diminish these events by referring to them as accidents.

  3. you forgot to tag this post as a “gratuitous musical reference” though it is hard to see anything by Shaun Cassidy as music

  4. Not to ruin anyone’s fun here, but it really doesn’t matter what kind of response Asta’s entreaty gets from the community, or what he might say from this point on. His candidacy is now 100% nonviable, and these ads amount to little more than an exercise in narcissism and an opportunity, perhaps at expense of the community’s public image as a whole, to self-promote.

    Blow this guy off. He’s just a fuckup who wants to be the object of public discourse. Let’s not be the fools that give that to him.

  5. why is this guy still allowed to have a driver’s license? He’ll never be Mayor, but he is still another accident waiting to happen. Take him off the roads & save some lives.

  6. He killed MY sister and still refuses to admit he ran a stop sign! He just wants to point the finger at her and call himself A responsible party. Not THE responsible party. I think he should drop out and loose his licence!!!!!

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