Another Candidate for Mayor?

Carolyn Classen is reporting that there is another candidate for mayor, billionaire and “patriot not a politician” Marshall Home. No, I have no idea how the guy got to be a billionaire, or why a guy with that much money hasn’t previously raised his head very high in town. He’s an organizer of something called the “Independent Rights Party,” which meets on Saturday mornings at an East side restaurant.

There may be a couple of problems with his candidacy. Home is filed as “nomination other than by primary” (a designation for candidates running under no party affiliation) but told Classen that he will be running against Jonathan Rothschild in the Democratic primary. His filing also lists an address, presumably his home, on the far Southwest side of Tucson outside of city limits.

11 thoughts on “Another Candidate for Mayor?

  1. Walt-

    I’m finding out a little more about the guy too. Seems to be a bit less than a billionaire.

  2. You may want to check out my comment on Carolyn’s site (sorry for plugging one of your competitors, Tedski). Attended the “Independent Rights Party” meeting. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure Mr. Homes isn’t a billionaire by any standard definition, and some of his ideas leave a lot of questions to be answered. Seems like a nice guy, though.

  3. Sam you are entirely right. Not only was the Mexico street house (which is my office foreclosed upon) it was sold twice and I got it back. I intend to do the same for the Arizona State Capitol, Tucson City Hall, the fire stations and police stations that have been unscrupulously mortgaged to the hilt behind the people’s back. It is disgraceful what these politicans have done if you have any conscience.

  4. The only Multi-billionaire associated with Tucson is a certain occasional resident who is the older brother of a failed rock star that went by the name of Michael McGear.

  5. interesting digging, Carolyn. If he voted at his address outside the city, (if he changed address in time to do so) he is toast as far as running goes. If he tries to prove that he has always lived at the in-city address and he voted, he is admitting to voter fraud.

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