All Tax and Spend Liberals, Probably Sell-Outs to ACORN Too

I’ve posted a letter sent to all members of the House and Senate from Joe Arpaio, Andy Kunasek and Bill Montgomery decrying the budget currently making it through the legislature.

You read those names right.

In it, the three Maricopa County officials make the same points that many Democrats and local officials have been making: that cities and counties will have to make massive cuts in services, including critical emergency services, and will have to raise taxes. Golly, this means that even Republicans know this. The ones that actually are responsible for governing, at least.

Worth pointing out here is that Arpaio is complaining about the fiscal short sightedness of people he campaigned for, and will no doubt campaign for again.

One thought on “All Tax and Spend Liberals, Probably Sell-Outs to ACORN Too

  1. Well, once again we prove the old adage that even stopped clocks are right twice a day. That letter could have been signed by Dupnik, LaWall and so forth and have been accurate.

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