And It Is…

Colleen Mathis was appointed to the fifth slot of the Independent Redistricting Committee. This means that she is the chair of the committee, and will likely be the deciding vote on many issues since she will be the only independent with two Republicans and two Democrats.

This should make Kirk Adams a bit happy, since Paul Bender (who he was still sneering about yesterday) didn’t get picked. If he looks, he can still find something to grouse about with this pick as well: Mathis was a donor to both Andrei Cherny and Arizona List. Whiny press release in three…two…

Bender was a bit too controversial to be picked, but in his interview he mapped out a process by which the committee would draw competitive districts first and adjust them to meet with Justice Department “pre-clearance” requirements. You may remember that in 2000 and 2001, the commission took the opposite tack and were left with little room to draw competitive districts.

By the way, with Mathis joins Linda McNulty and Rick Stertz as Tucsonans on this commission. The Old Pueblo has a majority, folks. Given that I can’t see Stertz voting with McNulty and Mathis on anything, I don’t know what the heck that means.

Mathis was hired as the Government Funding Manager for University Physicians Healthcare in 2009, and had previously done work for GTEC.

One thought on “And It Is…

  1. This is a disaster! I have never seen such a blatant attempt to silence the voice of We The People! I expect blatent jerrymeandering! I see the dirty fingerprints of Paul Eckstrom and Raoul Grijalva all over this! Good-bye democracy, hello to Mubaric-style shariah law by ACORN and La Raza!

    I hope that Frank Antenori can do something about this.

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