More and more attention has been paid to the serious/satirical secession movement. Although Paul Eckerstrom’s Facebook group trying to start a “Baja Arizona” movement has been getting a lot of attention, I’d like to point out that my brother has had a similar Facebook group that has been active for several years.

Don’t worry, Mad Viking, we still love you.

The attention Eckerstrom and his group have been getting is gratifying in some ways, since it has become a good way for us bajaärizonenses to express our frustrations with the neanderthals that have been leading our state. Whether this will result in an actual state being created…I’m a bit dubious.

By the way, the true instigator of this whole thing must be recognized: attorney Hugh Holub. Holub first suggested Baja Arizona shortly after the election of Evan Mecham, the first in a series of incidents that made us in Southern Arizona question the political maturity of our friends to the North. His bumper stickers were seen throughout Southern Arizona and I even remember maps of the “new state” wheat pasted near the U of A campus (Holub would never do such a thing, of course).

Holub has maintained a Free Baja Arizona page as part of his Frumious Bandersnatch site. The Bandersnatch is a satirical newspaper he published (on yellow paper) during his years at the U of A, and has been occasionally spotted in the time since.

By the way, I’ve been selling Free Baja Arizona bumper stickers on this site’s store for quite a while. They lack the four-color presentation of Holub’s from years ago, but they do the job.

13 thoughts on “¡Secesión!

  1. -or- we could increase Democratic turnout by standing up for minorities rather than talking about succession.

    Besides, we’d need another slave sate or something re: Missouri Compromise.

  2. No Tedski,
    I was describing the idiots who came up with the idea for a secession movement…

    When the Libs don’t get their way they want to take their ball and go home. They use tactics that are flat out wrong, but when those same tactics are used against them all they can do is complain. The perfect example is the tactics used to pass Obamacare and those used here in the state legislature to lower the corporate tax rate. Another example is when the libs were crying that there needs to be less vitriol in politics after the Tucson shootings, but then the very same people say they need to get “a little bloody.”


    …eventually you run out of other people’s money…

  3. Yes, Paul Eckerstrom, is a genius… I wonder what other jobs he can “step down” from…

    This is your problem…. you think it is an argument to be won or lost…. it is not. I have presented you with facts… not an argument.

    “I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine

  4. This new ‘State’, with the leadership currently in place in Pima County and the City of Tucson, would be bankrupt before the State of California.

    Someone in one of the articles mentioned being ‘open to commerce’…I don’t see that happening in Pima County.

  5. Who,

    I haven’t heard anybody talking about an armed insurrection. What Eckerstrom is proposing is that people have the opportunity to put it on the ballot and vote for it if they please. At that point, he proposes allowing the state legislature vote to allow the secession and then allowing Congress to allow or bar it from entrance into the union. Its a Democratic and legislative proceeding. How is that completely wrong?

    For that matter, how is that any different than, say, repealing Health Care Reform? Both are perfectly Democratic processes and both have ample reason to believe that they aren’t going to succeed. The biggest complaint that can be made is that both could be considered frivolous wastes of time (though this would be a matter of opinion).

    Your hyperbole leads to hypocrisy. If you think that we can’t cite example after example of Republicans taking the ball and going home, you are mistaken. If you are going to call people crybabies, I would direct your attention to the orange tinted and weepy eyed standard bearer of the Republican Party, Mr. John Boehner.

  6. Ted, I think Quantrill has something here.

    For, as we know, we’d be far better off leaving our taxes in the capable hands of the state legislature and governor, who have shepherded us to a record surplus and a golden age of economic opportunity and prosperity in Arizona.

  7. Do they propose a special election? I’d predict a turnout of about 12 percent. Hold the election in early July while you’re at it.

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