Selective Care

During the debate on an abortion bill on Tuesday, newly elected Representative Katie Hobbs pointed out the irony of all the talk about care for minority children and their mothers when many of these same legislators support major cuts in our state’s Medicaid program, AHCCCS.

I guess the Republicans took this as a challenge. Late last night, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to abolish the AHCCCS program. Not cut. Not trim. Abolish.

Republican press release blaming ObamaCare, Janet Napolitano and Kyrsten Sinema will be out later today, no doubt.

2 thoughts on “Selective Care

  1. I’m a Republican that supports AHCCS. The Republicans have no skin in the game that is why AHCCS Is a target. Dems need to go after Republicans lifeline there pensions and then they will fold. Note that the Republicans will only go after the pensions of new employees and not them selves.

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