I Don’t Know. I Usually Remember “Racketeering.”

There’s been an airing of Rick Stertz’s moldering drity laundry.

Stertz is Russell Pearce’s favorite for the redistricting committee. So much so that he stomped his feet and held his breath until Stertz’s name was placed back on the list for consideration. The funny part is, another candidate, a man by the name of Benny White, is also available. White has extensive connections to the local Republican party down here (his wife was Pima County chair) and there is no doubt that he’d speak forcefully for the interests of his party. Unfortunately for him, he fails whatever RINO test Pearce is applying these days. So, Stertz it is.

There is a problem with Stertz though. He seems to have been, um, less than complete in the application for the redistricting committee. Both Mary Jo Pitzl of the Republic and Rhonda Bodfeld of the Star have reported that Stertz didn’t disclose several legal difficulties he had. Bodfeld managed to get a response from Stertz, and his defense seems to be, “Oh, you mean THOSE leins and lawsuits?”

One of those lawsuits, by the way, involves copyright infringement, fraudulent scheme and racketeering. Most of us would tend not to forget being the target of a racketeering charge.

Some of these cases were from a while back (the one above was from 1992). Hey, the man may have changed between then and now. His covering it up and now claiming that this wasn’t about him “personally” (as he is quoted in the Bodfeld article) tells me he hasn’t owned up to this yet. It’d be hard to take a “I’m a new man” claim from a guy who won’t admit what he was doing before.

But hey, his ideology is correct, so we can let bygones be bygones, right?

Even funnier is his continuing claim that he doesn’t have any connection to once and future candidate Jesse Kelly. He can pooh-pooh the fact that Kelly works for the organization that he heads up all he wants, but his connection with Kelly seems to be his only qualification for the commission. Hard to believe that the guy is asking, as the bumper stickers once said, “Who is Jesse Kelly?”

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