Rogers Asks to Put the Lid on Counter-Protests

Statement from Pima County Democratic Chairman Jeff Rogers:

The right to free speech and peaceful assembly are sacred and should be cherished. But in this difficult time as our community heals, we would like to encourage a spirit of togetherness. We would like to celebrate that which unites us rather than highlight that which divides. This is an opportunity to come together to be the change that we want to see in our community. We hope that the politics of personal destruction that have marred the public dialogue for far too long will give way to a renewed sense of charity, compassion and community pride.

It has been brought to our attention that a rally supporting the recall of Sheriff Dupnik is planned for Friday, January 28th. Today we ask that all of the Sheriff’s supporters who would like to “counter-protest” do so in a manner that helps those in need in our community.

The world is watching and we know that the people of southern Arizona will rise to the occasion.

Rogers suggests donations to the Southern Arizona Red Cross, particularly O Negative, A Negative and B Negative blood, and donations to the Tucson Community Food Bank.

3 thoughts on “Rogers Asks to Put the Lid on Counter-Protests

  1. The Tea Party has a supermajority in the Arizona Legislature and Russell Pearce proudly calls it the Tea Party legislature. We almost lost our two Southern Arizona congressional seats to two Tea Party extremists and now Bill O’Reilly, Pearce, Arpaio and that guy from Utah are trying to take down Sheriff Dupnik.

    Oh and the number of Independents surpassed Democrats in Arizona.

    Might be time for “Pima Dems” to find a voice and grow a spine.

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