Well, That Was Fun

I want to thank everyone that attended for making sure that yesterday’s meeting went relatively smoothly. It turns out that Jeff Latas and temporary chair Fred DuVal worked out the terms of much of the procedural debate before the meeting. I was one of many who saw their conversation at a distance and it looked heated, but their agreement in how this would be presented and worked out by the full body saved us from the acrimony and pie-throwing we would otherwise have seen.

Rodney Glassman gave a gracious concession speech and, although things weren’t bad at that point, it probably helped keep matters calm.

Aside from two smaller incidents (the threat at the credentials committee and the scattered hoots during Ron Barber’s call), I think we conducted ourselves well. Thank you.

Word cloud of yesterday’s live blog, courtesy of Wordle (click to enlarge):

6 thoughts on “Well, That Was Fun

  1. How can it be stated that things went well yesterday? The Andrei team used a ringer to nominate Mr. Glassman, so there would be no nominating speech, they used sympathy for the wounded and dead as a tool of manipulation, they deliberately misinterpreted the bylaws by reading into them words that were not there, they were mendacious, they cut-off debate on an important issue, they elected a person who was not qualified to run because he was appointed rather than elected, they cheated, and they manipulated the process to satisfy a small circle of insiders. How can that be interpreted as “going well?”

    “Going well,” would have to be understood as the process functioning in an above board and transparent manner. That did not take place yesterday at the reorganization meeting. “Going well,” cannot simply be based on more votes going to those who have no respect for the process and the members of the State Committee. Only in some Machiavellian fantasy did yesterday go well.

  2. Ringer? Team Glassman was so poorly organized that they didn’t make sure their nominators went to the mikes.

    Even if Cherny’s people were that manipulative, it didn’t work, since two people were allowed to give formal nominating speeches anyhow.

    Were you there and missed that?

  3. Clint, our friend gc_wall also missed that what he/she calls “deliberating misinterpreting the bylaws” was approved by the convention on a 408-104 vote. An 80% majority sounds like a pretty strong consensus. Obviously a lot of Glassman supporters were not thrilled by the obstructionist tactics and wanted an up-or-down vote on the respective candidates.

  4. Ted,

    I was wondering what the vote talley was on the “amendment” on the credential report and the talley on the actually credentials were? I thought the vote on the actually credentials report was 408-104 and, even though the amendment was defeated I thought it was closer.

  5. Like Mr. Latas, I am also suspicious. I also believe that the RTA election was stolen, that the Mossad bombed the World Trade Center, and that the President is the Kenyan love-child of Malcolm X.

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