Another Candidate, Maybe?

A friend of mine alerted me to a fellow named Joshua Jude Chesser who wants to run for mayor. I found no statement of organization for the guy, but he does have a Facebook page where one can find nuggets like this:

I have a dream. That one day, little Right wing boys will play with left wing girls. I have a dream, that Southern Arizona will turn on itself no more! In a world market, there is only room for one great city in a state like Arizona. The time has come to rally in the center and take our place as the heart & soul of Arizona! There can be only one folks! “This is my dream”.

He touts himself as a marijuana rights advocate and as the leader in several business and community organizations that seem to all have web pages designed by him. In a recent “status” on his Facebook page, he claims to be talking to the Green Party about running as their candidate. Given his support for SB 1070 and his call that all of us must “Stand Up for Governor Brewer” on his web page, I hope not.

By the way, Chesser should check one fact on his site: Tucson was not the “original state capitol,” but was the second territorial capitol of Arizona. But who is counting?

2 thoughts on “Another Candidate, Maybe?

  1. The Green Party likes fundraising and so It is my intention to run for the office of Mayor as a non-fundraising write-in canidate. I’m a Democrat melting in the middle. My statement of organization will be filed shortly after April 18, 2011. I will be running this general election come November in the write-in section of your ballot……Thanks Folks

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