5 thoughts on “What? His Name’s Rebus? Uncle Remus?

  1. It appears “Standing Shoulder to Shoulder” has devolved into partisan ridicule and mockery with a twinge of race baiting on this blog.

    Good job Ted, you almost made it 24hrs.

    At least you showed more restraint than the national media.


  2. A number of people in this Country and on this BLOG have very short memories. When Bush was President you had a number of people write violent, hateful things. Now when the shoe is on the other foot you are crying “Can’t we all just get along”. Where was your voice when this same type of violent rhetoric was being unleashed against Bush?

    I abhor any violence but if it is directed against any political figure it is a strike against the very core of our Democracy.

  3. Walt-

    You’re right. I remember one day while I was helping the UA College Republicans at their table on the UA mall a few years back. Some jerk-off with came up to our table with vulgar insults, complaining about President Bush. Said jerk-off was wearing a T-Shirt with a silhouette of Bush’s head with blood dripping from a bullet-hole in Bush’s forehead.

    Our most recent example of a jerk is J. Eric Fuller, a 63 year-old Tucson man & who was injured in the tragic Tucson shooting only a week ago. Mr. Fuller is now under arrest for making violent threats against Trent Humphries, who was the Chairman of the Tucson Tea Party. During a ABCNews townhall this past Saturday to discuss the shooting & its aftermath, Mr. Fuller yelled out: “You’re Dead!” to Mr. Humphries. We keep hearing about rhetoric on the right. But everything cited has been innuendo. But I have seen the violence propagated by the left with my own eyes.

    EspressoPundit had a nice little photo on his website the other day from a protest outside of a political meeting that Russell Pearce was attending. This protest occurred the day before our tragic shooting in Tucson & was captured on Telemundo. One sign said, “Follow your leader” & showed a sillhouette of Adolf Hitler shooting himself in the head with his brain matter going out the other side. As EspressoPundit noted, this either meant that these protesters wanted everybody in attendance to shoot themselves in the head or that this protester was comparing Russell Pearce to Hitler, and he wanted Pearce & all of his followers to shoot themselves in the head. The only truly violent rhetoric that I’ve seen has been on the left. These kinds of signs would never be acceptable at rallies on the right. No matter what a person’s opinion is of Bush, Pearce, Obama or whoever else is in the political sphere, violence is not the answer.

    *If anyone’s curious, here’s a link to the afformentioned photo from Telemundo mentioned on EspressoPundit:


  4. his name, with the vowels removed is:
    For once a little truth in advertising. Not since the makers of Evian, which is naive backwards, has anyone had this much audacity to be truthful. Reminds me of that Dudley Moore movie about the ad exec who goes crazy, starts telling the truth and gets institutionalized. While in the hospital, he and his fellow patients begin writing truthful ads. None of them get close to RNC PR BS.

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