Bob Usdane

Bob Usdane, who served as president of the Arizona State Senate from 1989-1991, has passed away.

That was a particular dicey time in Arizona politics, particularly within the Republican party. After having to work as majority leader during the impeachment of Evan Mecham, Usdane became Senate president with his party split between Mecham loyalists (the “Mechamites”) and more moderate Republicans. Add to that the AZScam scandal that came toward the end of his term. It is no wonder why he got out of politics for a few years before resurfacing as a candidate for Scottsdale Mayor earlier last decade.

A long time capitol watcher I talked to said that Usdane was always outgoing and friendly. He could be a bit overly cautious in his politics, but one railbird I spoke to gave him credit for working with Democrats on what became the AHCCCS program.

One thought on “Bob Usdane

  1. He was a friend and will be missed. I had the great pleasure of getting to know Bob again over the past 4 years. I always enjoyed our political talks – we didn’t always agree, but we did find common ground. He couldn’t survive at the legislature today. Too moderate – too much common sense. He understood his role. We need more statesmen like Bob.

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