Thoughts on a Full Term

Back in January of 2001, a friend of mine was in law school and a fellow student bragged, “I’m going to the Washington for the inauguration.” My friend tore a small piece off of the corner of a sheet of paper and said, “Here, write down everything interesting he says.”

I felt the same about Jan Brewer’s inauguration yesterday.

I was thinking that maybe we’d hear a little less blame and more taking responsibility, but it was only a few paragraphs into her speech that she was blaming Janet Napolitano and the federal government for the woes of our state. I guess the next few years will look a lot like the next two: it’s all the fault of immigrants and Kyrsten Sinema.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Full Term

  1. Tedski-

    You’re right. Republicans need to stop doing what Obama does every single day by blaming the past Administration for all of his problems. It’s time for Obama & Republicans at the State level to actually start solving the problems at hand instead of just blaming their predecessors.


    Of course that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is almost completely Janet Napolitano’s fault on the state level for getting us into this mess. Come to think of it, I can’t think of a single thing – other than her resigning to take the job at DHS – that Nappy actually did that was both positive for Arizona and didn’t help bankrupt us.

    It also doesn’t take away from the fact that Bush stupidly expanded the federal government the most since LBJ & unconstitutional mandates to the States from Bush’s programs like No Child Left Behind forced even worse budget messes for Arizona & for Napolitano. Bush’s increases in spending were beyond irresponsible. Bush created this spending mess by not stopping any spending bills & also by personally pushing through the massive expansion of the federal bureaucracy. Of course, Obama has pushed for & enacted Bush spending & federal government expansion on steroids.

    On the bright side, at least Bush tried to fix Social Security while the Democrats fought him on this issue. And at least Bush tried to do something about Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac while now-ex Senator Dodd was using his power & position to get his own lower mortgage rates from Countrywide & Barney Frank was pretending like the housing system was in perfect condition.

    So, I said that State office holders shouldn’t whine about their predecessor & neither should Obama. But I’m not in office, so I can complain about it I guess. For those politicians though, they need to incorporate Truman’s famous motto & say: “The buck stops here”.

  2. Tyler-

    The reason why it is ridiculous for Brewer and the Republicans to put all the blame on Napolitano is that Napolitano’s budgets were largely supported by her friends in the Republican party. In Obama’s case, many of the difficulties in the economy were caused by Bush administration policy.

  3. “Tyler,”

    As usual, in your partisan frenzy, you miss the point. This is a question of taking responsibility. Governor Brewer refuses to do so, instead taking credit for non-existent fiscal stability and a recovery that has not occurred.

    If Governor Napolitano can be blamed for anything, it is for caving into Republican demands for tax cuts, and even that, it could be argued, might have been unavoidable in that political climate. The fact is that Republicans in this state have pursued a thoughtless policy of tax cuts which has devastated our revenue base for nearly 20 years, and that the current Legislature and Governor Brewer seem bent on continuing to pursue these policies despite the fact that they have failed to achieve the ostensibly intended result of stimulating the economy. In the meantime, our approach to taxation has left us in a position where revenues may not recover even when our economy does, leaving us in a very bad position as a State.

    Pointing fingers is useful only insofar as we need to understand what works and what does not. Brewer seems content to merely blame someone else for the current mess while pursuing the exact same policies that got us here in the first place.

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