Thank You!

A hearty “thank you” from this humble blogger to Harry Mitchell, Raúl Grijalva, Gabrielle Giffords and Ed Pastor for voting yes on the DREAM Act yesterday. It passed the House, and will move to a Senate vote next week. In a story all too familiar, there are enough votes to pass the bill in the Senate, but not enough to break a the inevitable filibuster (this time promised by our own Jon Kyl).

Ann Kirkpatrick did not vote. I made a call to her DC office and left a message on the answering machine (did they clear out that quick?) asking why not. If I receive a response about the reason for this, I’ll let y’all know.

No big surprise that Trent Franks and John Shadegg voted no, but I was surprised about Jeff Flake’s no vote. Flake has been supportive of comprehensive immigration reform in the past, which angers a pretty hefty slice of his party. I read various blogs on both the right and left claiming that Flake was a co-sponsor of the bill, however he wasn’t listed as a current sponsor or even a withdrawn one (Those blogs, can’t believe any of them). Nonetheless, his previous talk about a path to citizenship raised hopes. His put out a statement about the need to couple legalization with other measures, but if you won’t even allow the least culpable a path to citizenship, who the heck are you willing to cut a break for?

NB – Although Flake was not, both Grijalva and Pastor were co-sponsors of the DREAM Act.

6 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Maybe Jeff Flake is smarter than you think.

    If these illegal aliens are granted citizenship under this plan, they’ll know how to game the system and get their families in too and milk us for more benefits.

  2. Jodi, shucking one’s off-stated principles to support bad public policy which hurts innocent kids, then justifying it with an unproveable talk-radio talking point isn’t “smart.” It’s craven and stupid.

    I wonder if anyone accuses Cubans, who can immigrate to this country with few restrictions owing to their Republican loyalties, of “gaming the system?”

  3. Innocent kids? If they are already college age and they or their parents haven’t already taken any steps to make them legal, shame on them. They obviously didn’t care enough about their kids before, why should the rest of us. I don’t have sympathy if their own parents could care less. It’s not societies burdon. If they are such achievers in school at tax payers expense, they’d be a great asset for their home counties. Then they can apply for US citizenship with everyone else.

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