A Bit Late

The Tucson Sentinel is reporting that Ruth McClung has finally conceded the CD 8 race to Raúl Grijalva. This comes weeks after it was obvious that the math had turned against her (which she’d understand, she’s a Rocket Scientist, in case you hadn’t heard) and long after she’d get anything resembling a decent press for being a gracious loser out of it (I’ll be flabergasted if anyone but the Sentinel says “boo” about this one, even the Weekly has been quiet).

Her concession comes the day after the canvass had been officially certified, and more than two weeks after final returns had been submitted to the Secretary of State.

Given this spirit, I’d like to officially concede the Democratic Primary to my opponents. Not this last primary, but the 2006 primary. I’m sure that Steve Farley and David Bradley will represent our party well against the Republicans.

Her concession statement is after the jump. My favorite bit is “Viva the people!”: enough Spanish to claim some sort of racial unity cred without using too much to scare the racists. Kind of like her campaign.

Ruth McClung: It’s official – I lost the AZ CD 7 race, but…

“Congressional District 7 was a long shot, but with the help of my supporters, we were able to take a gerrymandered district, which had a 2 to 1 ratio (Democrat to Republican) in voter registration against me, and turn it into a competitive race. We did not win this particular election, but the battle was not lost! Victory was obtained in this campaign by showing the power of grass roots. When Americans come together, unified in a common goal, we become one of the most powerful forces on earth – E pluribus unum or out of many, one.”

Despite the outcome of this race, I feel blessed that I have had the pleasure of working with all of you. We have built a strong unity and determination in this district that won’t go away, one that will keep working to make America and Arizona prosperous and great! I am proud and humbled to have stood with you at a time when we are fighting for the future of our country. America is worth fighting for and I am not giving up!

Thank you so much for all that you have done to support me and my campaign- your prayers, money and time! Viva the People!”

14 thoughts on “A Bit Late

  1. This was the finest statement ever issued by an Arizona politician. Compare her patients, humility and poise with that of Grijalva, who, mere days after the election, started strutting around like he was the Congressman or something. You, “Congressman,” DO NOT REPRESENT THIS DISTRICT! You do not speak for the people. This election proved it once and for all, you can no longer buy our silence in the Face Of Tyranny!

    This said, I hope Raoul recognizes what is really up in CD7 and shows the same grace that Dr. McClung has shown, and steps aside to allow her to serve instead. Failing in this, he should bring her on board as a special policy advisor. Given her extensive knowlege of the District acquired over months of speaking to Republican precinct committeemen, she will be a valuable asset.

  2. I never quite understood what the point is of candidates conceding. It’s almost as if people believe that the way to win a political race is once you get your opponent to “cry uncle”.

    Funny, this whole time I was under the impression that the way to win an election was to get the most votes.

  3. Man. Remember that lady?

    She lost.

    Can someone tell whoever bought that creepy billboard on the 10?

  4. Republitard, this is a formal tongue-lashing. Our beloved “rocket scientist” is not a doctor (medical or philosophical) and hence does not have “patients.” Perhaps she has patience, a quality of perseverance, but it is hard to tell from her campaign. Furthermore, in case you forgot, Raul WAS and IS the congressman even now, if he had lost the election. They don’t change the next day. It takes until they are sworn in during January to bring about the orderly transference of power. And I can only assume you were jesting when you said talking to Republican precinct committemen during an election period gives a candidate an extensive knowledge of the district. I overlook your frequent misspellings as (hopefully) mere typos, but now you are just displaying ignorance. Get some legitimate education please when you comment publicly. It makes you look bad and sound worse when you are so out of tune.

  5. Tyler, the point of concession speeches is twofold. The 1st is being a good loser, something we are taught on the playing fields of elementary school. The 2nd is acknowledging that the electorate has spoken, and we will accept the view of the majority of voters as law until the next election. We call that the “loyal opposition” with loyalty being expressed to the rule of law as defined by the majority in an election.

  6. Georgia,

    If you have time, please go back and re-read Republitard’s posts with the assumption they are being intentionally mocking. Everything about them (including the typos) makes more sense, and they are really quite funny.

  7. Hey Grijalva and McClung ran in CD 7 not CD 8 that was Kelly and Gifford…thought you would like to know!

    Thanks for the article…we always like others opinions!

  8. Hey Gini Ruth’s campaign manager you’re missing a comma AND an apostrophe… thought you would like to know!

    Thanks for the ellipses and exclamation points… too bad you didn’t garner any of the latter during your campaign!

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