Disturbing Reactions

When reports about a mysterious substance being delivered to Raúl Grijalva’s office, the Star got reaction from a couple of folks. One of them was local Tea Party honcho and blogger Trent Humphries:

I have to say it’s really interesting that when Democrats are most in trouble, something like this always happens.

Here we have the artful way of implying what so many of the more unhinged posters to our local message boards accuse Democrats of doing: phonying up these threats to get sympathy from the public.

The same allegations were thrown around early in the summer when there was a threat against the life of Grijalva and his family. The feds later made an arrest in that case. But hey, it was all ginned up by Grijalva. Maybe phonied up by liberals (heck, ACORN, why not?) to make the Tea Party and conservatives look bad.

Making these allegations was ridiculous then, and it’s ridiculous now. The substance turned out to be toxic and members of Grijalva’s staff had to be checked out by paramedics before going home. Yes, this thing is for real and law enforcement is taking it seriously. That a leader of the Tea Party movement would wink-and-nudge an allegation that it is all made up to get votes is only a shade less disturbed than the people who posted to the Star and KVOA sites that Grijalva and his staff deserve what they get.

I believe that Humphries is sincere in his wanting to keep the more unhinged out of his movement. But, if he refuses to acknowledge that there might be violent people that take up his cause, how does he ever hope to keep them out of his group?

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  1. Thank you, Ted, for noting the truth about this. These folks think belittling dangerous acts will bolster their cause. Scary!

  2. You don’t know for sure he was being sarcastic, Tedski. Maybe he’s just someone to whom right-wing hatred is “really interesting.”

  3. Trent is in denial about many aspects of tea.

    The FBI has announced that the stuff was not toxic after all, but it certainly could have been.

    The gunshots fired into some offices had real bullets, and I have a degree of confidence that the rock thrown through Giffords window was quite real.

    To really brighten up your day, consider what may occur if most of the tea candidates lose in a couple weeks.

  4. Do you have any concrete evidence that Trent meant anything other than what he said or is this just another one of your Left field spins?

  5. Ted,
    Hot off the press. I think this incident is the result of Ruth McClung being endorsed by Jim Kolbe.

  6. x4mr, aren’t you that blogger who writes vicious things about the Eckstroms, whines constantly about TREO and is infatuated with Rob O’Dell?

    Because I’m not so sure that rock was real. I actually think Larry Hecker may have been involved… Oh, and that reporter’s wife, too! I think they’re out to get me! Oh no, it’s a.. a… conspiracy! That rock was made of CLOTH!!!

  7. Walt-

    What I have is the quote which wasn’t his regret that it happened, but speculating why these things only seem to happen when “Democrats are in trouble.” Not exactly a stretch to figure out what he is trying to say there.

  8. Seems to me that any time a DEM is giving a tea party goer a headache, something like this happens.

  9. AZMama-

    That’s an interesting take on the situation. Did you forget who the challenger in this race is or what the political party voter registration advantage is in this race?

    Well, in case you did, a man by the name of Raul Grijalva is the sitting Congressman. He is the only Congressman who has ever represented this district since it was first made after the 2000 Census gave Arizona 2 additional seats in Congress. Grijalva has won by wider margins each election year. And as the Democratic candidate, Grijalva enjoys a comfortable registration advantage of almost 2 to 1 over Republicans.

    So, now that you know the district a little better, you’d understand that since the incumbent is the one in trouble, it would be his opponent, the Republican Ruth McClung, who is giving Grijalva his biggest headache ever & making him sweat more than he has since he last walked from his car to the door of his house.

    That last part was a reference to the fact that Grijalva is quite overweight. But in his defense, when I watched him lose a debate to Ruth McClung about 2 weeks ago, it did look like he had lost some weight, so good for him.

  10. Would that be Ruth McClung the ROCKET SCIENTIST? She is finally get called out on that. But, of course, Baby Ruth knows she isn’t really a rocket scientist. She knows she went to PCC and got a bachelor’s degree in physics from the U of A. She certainly knows that defense industry employees with bachelor level degrees are not generally thought of as rocket scientists and nor do they claim to be.

    I wonder how it all got started. I suspect that Mommy and Daddy were so proud of Baby Ruth getting her degree and her job and called her “our little rocket scientist.” Then it made such a cute hook on her campaign fliers and her Web site.

    Unfortunately, once you win your primary and run against a Democrat, there is always some mean, nasty liberal who is going to spoil your fun. These people will actually find out whether or not you are a ROCKET SCIENTIST.

    Baby Girl never said she had a Ph.D. in physics. She just said something that to deliberately lead people to believe that she has more education that she does and that her job is more important than it is. That makes Baby Girl a liar.

    And if Baby Girl had an ounce of sense she would start walking that one back and stop using that hook.

  11. One of my daughters earned a BS degree in Biology and worked in research at two very prestigious universities. Her job title is “Lab Technician”. Of course, I call her “my little scientist”.

  12. Liza-

    You sound like Ruth actually hurt your feelings. Do you need a shoulder to cry on or something? How about a tissue box?

    And I’m sure that there is an actual certification that bestows the title “Rocket Scientist” on people. Give me a break! Who would give this title to people, the Wizard of Oz?

    I also like how you mock the quality of education that Pima Community College offers. To go along with this, will you go further then and ask to completely de-fund PCC? If the education at PCC is so laughable, then why would we be paying for it in the first place? I doubt that you’d go that far.

    Since you just sound like a whiny liberal who is sucking on a lemon right now because her candidate is losing, I doubt that you would want to end funding for PCC. Libs always think that ANY and ALL money thrown at public education is money well spent. As long as it’s not their money at least.

  13. I am familiar with the sitting congressman. And having had opportunities to speak with him on a number of issues our country faces, as well as our state, I believe CD 7 (as well as the state and country) would be FAR worse off by electing McClung.

    My point was, this wasn’t sent to him, as you say, to give him a bigger headache. This was sent to him because he IS the headache.

    No one in their right mind (and I am not sure all of McClung’s supporters ARE in their right mind) sends a threatening envelope to someone who they feel their candidate has against the ropes or is giving a good “headache” to. It’s dumb and it forces their candidate of choice to come out against the act, which in some ways shows support for their opponent.

    As you even clearly drew out: Congressman Grijalva is an experienced, trusted and strong advocate for CD 7, and despite all the noise, he is still a pretty big headache for SOMEONE out there.

    And because you’ll say he did it or had someone do it for publicity/sympathy votes, let me point out the obvious for you. Congressman Grijalva may not be a “rocket scientist” but unlike the undereducated thugs out there, he’s not stupid or desperate enough to play around with a felony charge by making and/or allowing his staff to make a false claim/report to local and federal law enforcement agencies.

    Finally, say what you will about his politics, but when you come out snarking about his weight, you sound like a silly little high school girl and you, and to some degree your candidate, lose credibility for having any reasonable understanding or appreciation for the issues that matter to the lives of voters in CD 7.

  14. AZMama-

    I liked your comment. First of all, I agree, & I will try not to make fun of Grijalva’s weight anymore from now on even though it’s such an easy target. Either way, like I said in a previous comment, I was actually surprised that during the debate when McClung put the beat-down on Grijalva about 2 weeks ago, Raul actually looked slimmer. So, I have to give him props for taking better care of himself.

    Now, I don’t agree with your assessment when you say that I drew out the fact that: “Congressman Grijalva is an experienced, trusted and strong advocate for CD 7, and despite all the noise, he is still a pretty big headache for SOMEONE out there.”

    I would say that Grijalva is experienced, yes. He has for years been trying as a public servant to screw up all levels of government. And I’m sure that he is trusted by some, but I only trust that he will always be a regressive liberal who wants to expand the size of government & fight against any measure that would secure our borders against drug & human trafficking & illegal immigration.

    But you are right “he still is a pretty big headache for SOMEONE out there”. And I hope that would be how at least 50.1 % of the voters feel about him on Nov. 2 for boycotting them & their businesses. They didn’t need the added “headache” in what was already a very bad economy.

    With that said, if his call for a boycott of Arizona, or whatever he has done or said that somebody disagreed with, was the reason that somebody who opposed Grijalva sent that package, then I will repeat what I said earlier. When that person gets caught, he or she should get the death penalty.

  15. Tyler M
    You sound like a typical Tea Party hack who tries to make every comment about the person saying it. Guess what? This election is not about me. And, just so you know, I have taken classes at PCC.

    What this is about are Tea Party liars who pretend to have credentials that they do not really have. People with bachelor degrees who work as engineers or lab technicians in the defense industry tend to refer to themselves as “engineers” or “lab technicians.”

    Baby Girl Ruth is pretending to play in a league that she does not play in. And another thing, wingnut, if she wins the election then so be it. Baby Girl Ruth will lose the office in 2012 if she wins in 2010. However, if I were you, I wouldn’t bet the family jewels that she wins.

    Getting a B.S. in physics is an accomplishment. It does not make Baby Girl a rocket scientist. It makes her just like millions of other people who have bachelor level degrees. Trying to create the perception that she has more than that is deceptive and it is a LIE.

    So, first time out of the gate, Baby Girl lies. Sorry, wingnut, that is how it stacks up. You can attack me on a personal level from now until it snows in Del Rio and that won’t make Baby Girl a rocket scientist.

  16. Tyler–did we watch the same debate? McClung threw out some soundbites to rally her tea party supporters, but there was no substance behind her remarks. She is clearly out of her depth, and if the tea party wants to win in cd 7&8, they are going to have to find candidates who are better versed with a deeper knowledge base of workable solutions.

    Incidentally, Vic Williams in LD26 said Jesse Kelly was only selected by the republican party to be a placeholder until Antenori could run after a term as senator. It’ll be interesting to see how that shakes out…

  17. Maybe they should have picked a placeholder that is smarter than a box of rocks. Couldn’t they find another ROCKET SCIENTIST like Baby Girl?

  18. Liza-

    It really does appear that Ruth hurt your feelings & it doesn’t appear that one box of tissues would be enough for you. You might actually need to seek professional help. A trained professional might be able to help you cope with and maybe overcome your seething hatred of our 28 year-old rocket scientist running for Congress.

    Since you brought up rocket science & since you speak as though you must be the “Knower of All Things Rocket Science”, please do tell me when a person becomes a “rocket scientist”. This seems to be such a huge deal for you. You never did tell me if it was the Wizard of Oz who bestows the honorary title of “rocket scientist” on people. This might be right before he would give you the honorary title of having a brain. But don’t feel too bad because I’m still waiting for my honorary title of having a heart.

    Also, I love how you call McClung “Baby Girl” as some attempt to insult her. I do not know your age, but I imagine that when you were 28 you considered yourself an adult. Or maybe you should tell us all what age we should change to becoming adult status since 28 isn’t old enough for you.

    Based on your characterization of 28 year-olds as babies, at 28, a person would be too young to drink, too young to drive, too young to gamble, to young to vote, too young to rent a car, too young to serve in the military, too young to go to the mall alone & too young to get married or even probably too young to date, too young to be charged with crimes as an adult, and obviously too young to run for Congressional office.

    Thus, when Bill Clinton first ran for Congress & lost when he was 28, this was obviously wrong since he was just a baby & babies shouldn’t be allowed to run for Congress. And when Al Gore first started serving in Congress at the age of 28, he should have been thrown in jail or at least sent home with daddy since he was just a baby & babies cannot serve in Congress.

    Now, as always I am joking somewhat since I don’t agree with the blatant & bigoted age discrimination that you demonstrate here. So I won’t agree with the above statements that I just put into your mouth. I am not sure if you just hate young people. Or maybe you just hate Ruth McClung so much that she brings out your blatant bigotry against younger people. But I would recommend that you keep your seething hatred of young people to yourself at work, or as the employee handbook states, they could “put you on corrective action, up to and including termination”. And then, as I mentioned before, you might also want to seek professional help.

  19. Ellis-

    I guess that we’ll just have to agree to disagree with our assessments of that debate.

    In regard to the Jesse Kelly placeholder concept, this also goes back to what Liza said about Ruth McClung losing in 2012 if she wins this year. We are still waiting to see what our Congressional Districts will look like in 2 years. Analysts have said that Arizona will gain anywhere from 1 to 3 Congressional seats after the Census comes out in December. Then the redistricting will take forever. Then the lawsuits will take forever. So, we have no idea.

    If we were going based upon our best-case scenario of 3 additional seats for Arizona, this is my prediction. First of all, after Grijalva loses to McClung, the Commission on Redistricting will re-draw a new district for Grijalva that he really can’t lose. Of course, he wasn’t supposed to be able to lose this one either, but his new district will be a guaranteed victory for Boss Grijalva. The new AZ-11 will just include Grijalva’s own home & he will be expected to get at least 75% of the vote in his new district. The other two Southern Arizona districts will probably remain relatively intact and will be renumbered as AZ-9 & AZ-10. Maricopa County will also get a new district & so will Pinal County.

    My point in this nonsensical message is that we have no idea what the Congressional Districts will look like in 2 years, how many districts will have Democratic majorities, how many won’t & even if Jesse Kelly & Frank Antenori will be living in the same Congressional District once the Committee takes out their knife. In other words, I don’t put much stock into the idea that Kelly will just be there to warm up the seat for Antenori.

  20. No, I don’t, Tyler, because you made that up. However, I am more than willing to allow you to have the last word because your comments are just too stupid to even read any more of them.

  21. Liza-

    So, your comments about “Baby Girl” have nothing to do with age discrimination? It’s indefensible.

    Or maybe, you’re just anti-woman and you think that it would take longer for a woman to develop into what it takes to be a Congressional Representative than it would take for a man? Do you have problems with the fact that Clinton & Gore were both the same age as McClung is when they first ran for Congress, or are they okay because they are males?

    Your sexist bias against females is strange since I assume that “Liza” is a girl’s name. But maybe you are just a self-loathing liberal.

    Four things about Grijalva that should never be attacked by anybody would be his gender, his age, his race, or his religious beliefs. You won’t see me attacking any of those. I’ll stick with his politics. But you attack 2 of those things with McClung. And you probably hate her for the other two also.

  22. All of you liberal types are in for a shock on Nov.2. Arizona is sick of Grijalva. What kind of representative attacks his own state in favor of illegal immagration.

    Good Bye Grijalva!!!

  23. That last set of exchanges reminds me of 3rd graders calling names at recess, just in 15 years old vocabulary. Come on guys. It’s an election and the nation will still stand when it ‘s over. I know. I lived through Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush & Bush. We’re still here, bruised, battered, bewildered and in debt, but we’re still here. Yeah, Obama!

  24. Georgia, I actually think that the kind of deception that Ruth McClung perpetrates by referring to herself as a “rocket scientist” is an important issue. It is similar to other politicians who have said that they served in the military “during the Vietnam War” when they never set foot in Vietnam but served elsewhere.

    Both of these are flagrant attempts by candidates to create a perception among voters that the they are, in the first case, more educated and more important than they are. And, in the second case, that they served in combat during a war. Both of these are deliberate deceptions intended to create a favorable image with voters.

    This kind of fraud is indicative of a person’s willingness to be, well, fraudulent. One fraud begets another fraud. Quite frankly, I do not think it is a minor point or even a minor mistake in the case of Ruth McClung.

    The demographics of CD7 do not support the notion that a Tea Party hack who pretends she is a “rocket scientist” could effectively represent the majority of people in that constituency. I hope that all of the sane and reasonable people get out and vote for Raul Grijalva.

  25. Liza-

    Even though you’re still on this “rocket science” kick & you have yet to explain exactly who bestows the title of “rocket scientist” on a person, your last post was an improvement since it wasn’t attacking the age or gender of the candidate anymore.

    Good job! 😀

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