Intimidation in the District 30 Senate Race?

Todd Camenisch is alleging that he is being intimidated by lobbyists for the Rosemont mine.

Now, don’t those guys know they are supposed wait until after the election to intimidate him? Kids these days.

This from the Camenisch campaign, who promise there will be details later today:

Todd Camenisch, Democrat candidate for the Arizona Senate in Legislative District 30, will discuss an intimidating voicemail he received from a hired lobbyist for Rosemont Mine at a press conference today, Oct. 19, at 1:30 p.m. in downtown Tucson.

Contents of the Oct. 15 voicemail will be divulged at the press conference and made available to the press today.

Clearly, Camenisch said, this is a tactic of intimidation to keep quiet about his concerns about the controversial proposed Santa Rita Mountains mine, which is in LD 30.

Camenisch opposes the mine, citing its potential impact on the environment, including the long-term effect on water tables and contamination of local aquifers, which puts residents’ drinking water at risk.

“No lobbyist or intimidation from foreign corporations will keep me from speaking out on issues as important to Southern Arizona as water,” Camenisch said.

Opponent Frank Antenori, a Republican, supports the mine and has received campaign donations of $250 from James Sturgess, a vice president of the mine, and $300 from Michael Green of the Fennemore Craig law firm, which also lobbies for Rosemont.

“This is typical of the way the Phoenix political bosses work,” Camenisch said. “Politicians like my opponent get bought and sold by Phoenix fat cats and foreign corporations that care more about tax loopholes than schools for our middle-class kids or about the quality of water that they drink.”

“This insider trading up in Phoenix needs to stop!” Camenisch said. “I want to represent Southern Arizona, not a foreign corporation or political bosses. This is why I am running against my opponent.”

The mine is opposed by a wide range of local politicians, including Raúl Grijalva, Gabrielle Giffords, Ray Carroll and Jonathan Paton.

4 thoughts on “Intimidation in the District 30 Senate Race?

  1. First, I’m going to laugh if this “paid lobbyist” turns out to be Rick Grinnell.

    Second, how anymore does Jonathan Paton get the status of “local politician?” Wasn’t he the big-talking payday loan dweeb who quit the legislature and then embarrassed his supporters by losing his perfectly winnable primary to a perfectly ridiculous opponent?

    Just sayin’.

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