Surprise! Conservative Group Caught in a Fib About Grijalva’s Record

Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform has been running ads against Raúl Grijalva claiming that he didn’t support extending a middle class tax cut. The trouble with this is he was one of the people who was publicly urging the leadership to move forward with the tax cuts.

So this is a lie. I know. Shocking.

If you flashback to when the tax cuts were being discussed, Grijalva led an effort by the Congressional Progressive Caucus to get the leadership to hold a vote on the tax cuts.

What is also worth remembering is that the woman on whose behalf these ads are being run, Ruth McClung, has voiced support for the flat tax and the so-called “Fair” tax, both of which would result in tax increases for lower and middle class people.

4 thoughts on “Surprise! Conservative Group Caught in a Fib About Grijalva’s Record

  1. Thanks for reporting the facts!

    Interesting that Ruth recently signed the groups pledge and then they give her 230K for an ad??? Hum…. ?!?!?!? BTW the group stands for eliminating federal income taxes for corporations and reducing taxes for millionaires.

    “ATR, meanwhile, is spending $230,000 on the TV ad, which started airing on Wednesday, according to a spokesman for the group. To secure its support, McClung recently signed ATR’s tax pledge”

  2. Ted, Have you ever been to a real debate? If so how can you possibly call these debates. They should be called discussion groups. I would love to see a real debate, sponsored by the U of A and moderated by the debate coach. Grijalva’s campaign would never agree.

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