More Wisdom from Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer reacting to comments from Janet Napolitano, as quoted on Arizona Public Media:

We won’t be satisfied until we are satisfied.

I guess there is no arguing with this sort of ontology, is there?

Ya know, when Yogi Berra said things like this, it was kind of cute because he was only responsible for a baseball team.

3 thoughts on “More Wisdom from Jan Brewer

  1. You liberal elitists resent her because she has grit and common sense. If you don’t understand what she means, it is because you are stupid and hate America.

    I could explain, but it is really a waste of time. Love of God and The Constitution should need no explanation. Our truth is marching on.

  2. R-tard:
    It is not liberal to distrust government to have control over my citizenship information. My wife went to get her license. My wife is 49 and has been in the USA all but 6 days in her life (our honeymoon). The government had her listed as a non citizen. Having been born some 2000 miles from her current residence she was fortunate to have a certified copy of her birth certificate. Fortunately, the vast majority of us have a birth certificate in some probate office that we can get to for proof of citizenship. If we just let government keep up with it digitally, proving citizenship will be like going to the DMV for a license. I for one say no, and that ain’t a liberal position. KEEP birthright citizenship.

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