Lay Off Brewer, for this One Anyway

Look, there are plenty of examples of La Cervecera’s rank incompetence: her embarassing malaprops, her over dependence on staff with their own agendas, her disengagement from and lack of knowledge of major issues, the constant look on her face that says that even she doesn’t think she belongs in the office. One thing I’d like to see people on my side stop calling her out for is having a GED.

I haven’t done exhaustive research to tell whether she’s got a high school diploma or a GED. I haven’t done the research simply because it doesn’t matter to me. Frankly, I don’t think it does our cause much good when progressives, who should be all about tolerance and opportunities, snarkily make fun of her educational background.

I’ve seen what the GED can do for folks every day in the work I do. I’ve had all sorts of students in my time at Las Artes, but I can tell you that there are enough hard working young people that I’ve worked with that I know better than to crack wise or feel smug just because someone has a GED.

One of our gripes over the last year is the elimination of adult education in this state. We understand how devastating this is and have argued vehemently against it. How can we argue about how important providing the opportunity for a GED is when we make fun of someone who has one? It makes about as much sense as making fun of people who are on AHCCCS or any other form of assistance that we advocate.

Dr. Richard Carmona, Mary Lou Retton, Gov. Jim Florio, Michael J. Fox, Gov. Ruth Minner, Waylon Jennings and Bill Cosby: a list of people that would probably make better governors of Arizona than Jan Brewer? Likely, but they are also all GED recipients. That fact is probably the least interesting thing about any of them.

6 thoughts on “Lay Off Brewer, for this One Anyway

  1. Ted,

    Thanks for posting this, people also poke fun at her for not having a 4 year college degree. I was guilty of this myself last year when I made a comment in front of my mother. She reminded me that she didn’t graduate from college either, nor did my father. However, they would both make far better Governors than Brewer (I’m not biased, I swear).

  2. Her earning a GED instead of a high school diploma doesn’t bother me at all.

    I do wonder, though, about the Governor of our state not having a four year college degree of some kind. I understand that not having one does not mean a person is unintelligent. There are many intelligent and well read people who have achieved great things without it. Jan Brewer, however, has not proven herself knowledgable on any issue facing this state.

    I can’t help but wonder where our economy might be if she had gone to college and taken some econ classes. I can’t help but wonder if she would have chosen to hack up the education budget and if she had studied the relationship between education, quality of workforce and how those two things concern companies that are considering moving to or expanding to our state.

    Some people don’t NEED a college education. Some people read often and absorb information easily. She does not appear to be one of these people. If she had not been exalted to the governor’s office by default, she would never be considered a legitimate candidate for the office. She and her people know this.

    I believe Jan Brewer might benefit immensely from a college education.

  3. The Governor has been in office in one capacity or another for 27 years. Her degree or lack thereof should not be an issue at this point in time because she should have the practical experience that would make her effective at her job.

  4. No argument there, Appleblossom. Here is my thinking.

    I can’t help but think that pursuing some kind of education might have better prepared her for what she is doing now. People can demonstrate intelligence in a number of ways. In practice, on paper, etc. She has done none of these things.

    Of course you are right; the point is moot. She won’t be going back to school any time soon (and likely wouldn’t be accepted) and that ship has sailed.

    I guess the better question is, who has been voting for this dolt for the last 27 years?

  5. I have a GED. Finally bothered to get it when I was 21 after having been in the Navy for 3 years (I lied to get in).

    Brewer’s lack of educational credentials have never bothered me. Her apparent absence of intellectual curiosity, as evidenced by her ignorance of the issues of the job she holds, is what gets to me. Even Janet Napolitano’s harshest critics had to admit that she was a hands-on Governor who relished getting into the nuts and bolts of policy. Goddard is the same way. People who are interested in the actual job they’re running for will prep and rehearse for debates and speeches because they understand it’s what makes a good politician but they don’t have to follow a script and can handle it when they get an unexpected curveball. The main difference between Jan and Terry is Terry knows WTF he’s talking about and Jan doesn’t have a clue. A combination of narcissism and dumb luck got her where she is today.

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