Me Being a Liberal Bedwetter Again

I heard an actuality this morning on KUAZ where Jan Brewer complained about the unions “importing” people to protest against SB 1070. So, she’s telling us that opposition to 1070 is not being generated by locals, but by nefarious all-powerful labor unions (and probably ACORN, they only want you to think that they closed up shop) conspiring from underground bunkers right across the state line. There they are…watch out!

This is, of course, because labor unions have been so powerful in Arizona as of late.

I’m curious about what she’s trying to imply here. Yep, opponents of SB 1070 are a minority of Arizonans overall (but are an overwhelming majority of Hispanic citizens). By saying that opposition to 1070 is phonied up, is she saying that all proper Arizonans unanimously support the law? When she looks at folks who don’t support 1070, does she see Arizonans or “imports”? If she doesn’t think of people who disagree with her policies as “true” Arizonans, what are we supposed to think about her taking the concerns of the rest of us seriously?

It’s Evan Mecham’s “good people of Arizona” all over again.

4 thoughts on “Me Being a Liberal Bedwetter Again

  1. I continue to fight, but my dislike for this state grows by the day. I guess I just have to fight harder.

  2. Yeah, it’s those unions that are behind the opposition to 1070.

    It’s interfering with their plans to organize the coyotes to demand benefits.

  3. Was it just two years ago that Republicans were complaining that Grijalva was importing Mexicans to vote for him? Is this a common theme to be used for all purposes? Arizona has a sufficient number of homegrown or almost native wingnuts. We don’t need to run them in from other places. Give it a rest, folks.

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