La Cervecera Goes on the Attack

Just got an e-mail from Jan Brewer’s campaign in which she takes on Dean Martin. Martin has had some days of decent press lately. Since he’s the State Treasurer, he can couch his criticisms of the legislature and governor as part of his ministerial responsibilities. She can’t be too happy about the free ride he’s gotten, so she’s gone on the attack. She reminds folks that Martin voted for Janet Napolitano’s budgets as a legislator.

Of course, Brewer is also reminding folks of who was governor not too long ago and begging them to make a comparison that she won’t do too well in.

One more thing that Brewer does in her e-mail: she entitles it “That’s Amore!” (complete with a YouTube video. Isn’t anyone on Vimeo?) I already made that joke last year. What, you don’t want Martin to sent out some e-mail saying that y’all “joined” R-Cubed or something?

3 thoughts on “La Cervecera Goes on the Attack

  1. I love the revisionist history. Janet Napolitano single-handedly created budgets, which she then forced the Republican majority in the lege to sign.

  2. Wait till they look at his 2004 campaign finance reports.

    Martin funneled over $19,000 in campaign contributions through two front companies he controlled, that were based in a rented mail drop at Paradise Valley Mall, into his own pocket and also spent around $12,000 of campaign funds on various electronic and computer equipment for himself. The vast majority of those campaign funds came from lobbyist with business before the legislature. Dean Martin turned his public office as a state senator into a profit making entity for himself. Anyone see a conflict of interest with Martin converting campaign contributions from lobbyist into cash for his own pocket?

    Ask Dean Martin to open the books of the two companies he controlled, Digital Print Design and Grassroots Programs. Let us see some invoices and purchase orders for paper, ink and supplies, Martin can’t because both companies were phony and just used to wash his campaign funds. Why did he have no telephone listing, web site or any advertising for these companies? Who were his customers and suppliers?

    What about taxes. Did Martin pay any taxes on these two income sources? Is our state treasurer a tax cheat?

    Dean Martin, a name we know too well to trust.

  3. Presumably Brewer is thinking of making Napolitano the vampire here because she is running in a Republican primary.

    She forgets that Napolitano pulled in a third of the Republican vote in her re-election race against Len Munsil. Janet isn’t that unpopular even among GOP rank and file.

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