He’s Talking About the Earth-2 Phil Gordon

I received a fundraising e-mail from Jim Waring entitled “Liberal Left Already Polling Against Me.”

That’s “liberal left,” as opposed to “conservative left,” “moderate left” or “third house on the left.”

Waring once again touted a recent poll showing that he had 50% support. The part that he left out (as he had before about this poll) is that 72% of respondents were undecided, so Waring has 50% of the 28% that have an opinion. That leaves Waring with 14%, still out distancing others in the race, but not the sort of thing that makes for a good bandwagon fundraising pitch.

But here is the kicker:

While this poll is great news it has also made me the target from the liberal left. Already, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is polling to find out how to beat me in this race.

Yep. Phil Gordon, who endorsed Sal DiCicco and just last week endorsed John McCain (again), is a leftist. Exactly what skewed political spectrum is Waring working from?

The other funny thing is that Gordon is likely not even going to run (after entertaining the possibility of running not as a “left liberal” Democrat, but a centrist independent). Waring’s probable opponent (if he wins his primary with that 14%) is Jon Hulburd, who has already raised over $300,000. But hey, man, keep running against Gordon, Jim.

The funny thing is that Waring is complaining about “left liberal” (or “liberal left,” I’m not sure) Gordon polling against him, right after touting a poll by a firm he hired. Yep. Polling is evidence of conspiracy, ‘cept, apparently, when Jim Waring does it.

So, does that mean that Pamela Gorman, Vernon Parker and the other folks that got lilliputian levels in that poll can send out a handwringing press release about Waring polling in the race?