La Cervecera Wants to Hog the Credit

The Governor’s office put out a press release this afternoon entitled “Governor Jan Brewer Proposes Reforms to Re-Open Arizona Rest Areas.” You’ll notice that she actually doesn’t say that she is re-opening the rest areas, and she actually isn’t. She’s asking the Secretary of Transportation for some regulatory changes. In other words, she ain’t doing much, but wants to give the appearance she is.

Daniel PattersonEarlier this week, a bill introduced by Daniel Patterson and sponsored by 47 others (!) to re-open the rest stops unanimously passed the Transportation and Infrastructure committee and is well on it’s way to becoming law.

It’s obvious here what Brewer is doing. Re-opening the rest areas is a popular idea, and it could be the one popular thing that the legislature does this year. The last thing she wants is a legislator, especially a Democratic one (from the hinterlands, even!), getting any credit for it. So, she puts out a press release bragging about doing something, however tangential or ineffective, hoping to get the credit. It is helpful to remember, however, that she’s the one that closed the darned things in the first place.

3 thoughts on “La Cervecera Wants to Hog the Credit

  1. The Transportation Board has been maneuvering to privatize AZ rest areas for a few years now. They let them fall into disrepair to push the issue. If you don’t want your view at Sunset Point to be sponsored by WalMart, keep an eye on this issue. My hunch is that they’ll try to do it again, this time with backing from the 9th Floor as an easy fix.

  2. The funniest thing I saw was a few months ago while driving east on I-40 near the closed rest area near Meteor Crater, was a sign saying “open rest area in 132 miles.” And in fact the sign was correct that there was an open rest area 132 miles east of there. Just a couple of miles into New Mexico.

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