John McCain Attacks…Tom Delay?

John McCainI just got the latest fundraising appeal from a certain John Sidney McCain. In it, he goes after J. D. Hayworth as a…big spending liberal?

I’m confident the majority of voters will agree that this is not the time to send a defeated Congressman back to Washington. During his time in office as one of Tom Delay’s leadership team, J. D. Hayworth cast countless votes for earmarks and pork barrel projects that helped balloon our government deficit by billions of dollars. His election would be a substantial setback for the true conservative principles that you and I stand for.

Unfortunately, J.D. Hayworth has a record of talking like a conservative, but voting like a liberal on fiscal issues. As a Member of Congress, he voted for millions of dollars in earmarks at your expense including sprucing up blueberry farms in Maine and researching French fruit flies.

6 thoughts on “John McCain Attacks…Tom Delay?

  1. For better or worse (better for us, worse for him), Tempe and Mesa probably would not have light rail if not for JD. JD also delivered a lot for Navajoland when he represented that area. No good deed goes unpunished these days, especially in a Republican primary.

  2. JD voted for a $24 Billion bill; John McCain voted for the $700 Billion TARP–and McCain says JD is the big spender? Sounds like Democratic talking points to me.

  3. This shows how out of touch McCain is.

    Especially in rural areas, we NEED pork to get some things done, because the local tax base usually isn’t sufficient to build things like freeway interchanges or public buildings.

    McCain’s crusade against ‘pork’ is one reason why he’s really not very popular in rural Arizona. People here expect their members of Congress to steer federal spending here. That’s one reason why even the carpetbagger, ethically challenged Rick Renzi was more popular here than McCain was (or is.)

    Bill got it right with his first post.

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