Arizona List Endorses Kotterman, Rotellini

Arizona List announced today their early endorsements of Penny Kotterman and Felecia Rotellini.

It isn’t a big shock that they got endorsed (Arizona List endorses pro-choice women, and they are the only ones that qualify in those categories), but this is still helpful to both candidates since it can solidify their status as “first tier” or even make them into “leading” candidates. Also, both are running as “traditional” candidates, so Arizona List, as a super PAC, can give them contributions. An early blessing by Arizona List can help drive money from like minded national groups (such as EMILY’s List) as well.

15 thoughts on “Arizona List Endorses Kotterman, Rotellini

  1. Gratuitous Football Reference:

    Power Rankings
    1-Lujan: some name ID, Establishment support, and a fundraising network. Cash is king, he might scare Rotellini out of the race after this quarter’s numbers come out.
    2-Rotallini: smart, articulate & clean but no name ID, just a funny name. But I still like her.
    3-Rabago: why Rabago has waited sooooo long is a mystery. Would he shave the goatee/beard for the general? (Please say yes Vince)

    1-Kotterman: “Teachers” good but “union” bad. Nice lady but does she have the polish?
    2-Williams: Experienced campaigner or just an old hat? How does he keep that head so well shaved?


  2. Not pleased with AZ List hiring Mallory Hutchinson (former ADP flunkie)

    Poor move for the organization and a waste of donors money. I am not in the mood to show up at their events just to have her poor attitude and rude behavior there. I might have to come in my clown suit just to brighten the mood now.

    Not pleased.

  3. Crabby–I fear your assessment is not clear. I would venture to say that it is both Vince and Jason’s race to lose. Jason has a WAY better shot in he General, Penny will not win. Vince is the frontrunner in the primary right now.

  4. I find it curious that everyone thinks that Penny’s downfall is that she is aligned with the “Union” and that the Republicans will make issue of that. If that is the case wouldn’t Jason’s downfall be that he is openly Gay? Neither Penny’s union connections nor Jason’s sexuality should be an issue, but to handicap one candidate and ignore the other candidates is intellectually dishonest.

  5. He is the most qualified to do the job, he is not running for his own ego, and he is the best actual attorney of the three of them. Rotallini has never been involved in the Party before she has not paid her dues. And David Lujan, after the stellar job he did in his leadership role in session, I am just going to have to put a kaibosh on the whole thing.

  6. Penny’s union work is not on par with Jason’s personal life. Penny’s using her union ties as the bases for her credibility. Jason on the other hand is not using his personal life as a basis for running.

    Vince CAN’T be the front runner. Katie’s right, he’s not even in yet. I don’t buy the “pay your dues” argument, that’s not a good way to pick a winning candidate.

    My point is that fundraising will decide the AG primary and that means it’s David Lujans to lose.

  7. Crabby,

    My arguement was not about what they are basing their candidacy on. My arguement is what the Republicans will attack on. My Thesis is that if the Republicans are going to attack Penny because the “Union” is going to be influencing the education of the kid, it would also stand true that the Republicans would attack Jason for being gay. These are Republicans I remind you, they have no decency.

  8. With all due respect, Crabby Pirate spouts the typical party line. Giving Lujan the edge in the “power rankings” is a good clue as to why Dems lose to Reps in general elections. If Lujan has collected a lot of money (and there’s not a lot of evidence he has), it’s a cince it’s all from the lobbyists who have to curry his favor at the legislature. And anyone who thinks Rabago’s got a better legal record than Rotellini, hasn’t read the record. As to Rotellini not having paid her “party dues” — she’s spent her career as a prosecutor and regulator who is supposed to be above partisanship. Thank goodness she’s not a party hack. That’s the problem with Az politics today! Too many party hacks and darn few public servantsw!

  9. Rabago is the only candidate who has actually worked in the Attorney General’s office. He led the fraud cases against some of the payday lenders. This alone makes him a clear choice. As for Party dues, like it or not, if you’ve chosen to never even be a precint committmen, nor aided in other campaigns, and expect to get garner votes and support from the activist ing of the party, YOU ARE GRAVELY mistaken. This a three way primary. Vince Rabago is the best choice for Attorney General hands down.

  10. Lujan has a fundraising/networking edge that’s why he #1 on the power rankings. Again, I don’t buy the “pay-your-dues” BS. People should vote for the the most qualified candidate, the candidate with the highest likelihood of wining, and the candidate they feel represents them the best.

    Roetellini has worked in the AG’s office (13 yrs) and Lujan did as well (couldn’t find the years). Rabago’s greatest weakness will be his ability to fundraise and his overall electability. Does he have the network to raise money (lots of money) and can someone from Baja Arizona win. But most importantly does he have the right judgment to win

  11. Felecia Rotellini is virtually an unknown non-political candidate. It is this trait that makes her an attractive candidate to many voters. What people will find is that Rottellini is outspoken when something falls within her sphere of influence. No one knows for sure what the outcome of Andrew Thomas accusations will be; however, judging by his past misguided decisions it is likely that Thomas’s recent actions will be viewed as a witch-hunt, that damaged the reputation of well-meaning judges, lawyers, and legislators. If this occurs, I expect Rotellini will become more vocal. She will likely be discrete; this is how the next Arizona Attorney General should act.

  12. Rotellini is a good candidate with a strong background…and most importantly, a huge head start over the other guys. She should really stand out as the candidate to beat. Plus, she’s ready to take on Andrew Thomas…where have Lujan and Rabago been the past couple of weeks while Thomas has been turning the judicial system upside down?

  13. I have seen all the candidates speak, and Felecia Rotellini is the only choice to beat Thomas. Unlike the others, she is sincere and can think on her feet. Lujan reminded me of the last guy who ran against Thomas. Name??? That was another clear example of how money (and Gov $$ at that) + candidate does not = success.

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