Bruce Ash Has Pity for the Poor Brown Man

Bruce AshRepublican National Committeeman Bruce Ash called in to Jon Justice’s show the other day to take on Pima County Democratic Chairman Jeff Rogers for opposing Proposition 200. The theme of the show seemed to be that Prop 200 opponents had been making “personal attacks” and not talking the issues. Left unstated was that Justice’s own show would consist of not much more than weather and traffic reports if personal attacks were excluded.

Ash, while decrying personal attacks, goes on to make his own, calling Rogers “pompous” (Hey, pot, I think you and kettle would get along well) and the Democratic council candidates “beyond contempt.” Way to keep it on issues, Bruce.

Most remarkable is his hit on Rogers for living safe in his “midtown home” while his “kids go to school” (eh?) but if he’d talk to a few “brown people” on the South and West sides, he’d understand what sort of crime problem we have. You can check out the clip here.

First off, Ash makes the assumption that violent crime in Tucson is some sort of phenomenon on the South Side. He oughta check TPD’s own stats on the matter and he may be surprised at where crime actually occurs in the city.

Second: “brown people”? Really, Bruce? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say it wasn’t racism (although, you were assuming that high crime means hispanic neighborhoods despite evidence). Don’t worry though, I’m not cutting you a break on this one. I know you thought you were showing solidarity to the people you call “brown,” but it rang a hollow.

I work on the South Side, have family on the South Side, and when I was younger, I spent days at my Nana’s house near 12th and Valencia. When I hear a guy who hobnobs with the likes of Randy Pullen and rarely shows his head South of Broadway express some sudden care for “brown” people on the South Side, it doesn’t come off as empathy. Sorry, Bruce, it’s good old fashioned patronizing and nothing more.

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  1. Many hispanic leaders are supporting the Republican council candidates this year! Why, I hear that former State Senator Louie Gonzales, a Democrat, has endorsed Ben Buehler-Garcia. Try to top that one, Dems!

  2. When Salmon ran against Napolitano there was a debate scheduled in south Tucson. Salmon didn’t show because he thought he only needed the Maricopa County vote to win the 9th floor. Napolitano went to South Tucson and collected the votes that put her on the 9th floor. I say, you avoid South Tucson and you will be standing outside looking in on election day.

  3. What I hear is the same kind of misconception (call it arrogance?) that led Republicans to criticize Ted Kennedy for paying for his treatment when he had cancer and claiming that he was somehow being a hypocrite because he wasn’t getting the same lack of services that might be given to someone with no insurance.

    Why is it that Republicans somehow think that a Democrat who can afford to live in a safer neighborhood, has health insurance or can afford to pay his or her bills, is therefore a hypocrite for wishing that others had the resources to do the same?

    Heck, I’m fortunate in that I have a job (in fact I have two of them(!)) That in no way causes me to not want to pay taxes so that people who are less fortunate and don’t have a job can get unemployment benefits. So, Bruce (and yes this question is directed at you) does this mean that in order to credibly be in favor of unemployment benefits I should quit working so that I’m actually collecting them?

  4. It’s sad to see Bruce Ash, now the Republican rep. on AZ Illustrated’s “Face Off”, using name-calling to make his point about Proposition 200. Referring to people’s skin color is not acceptable in discussing the issue of crime in Tucson.

  5. Not so fast………..

    Let’s not forget who is calling names here. It certainly is not Bruce Ash.

    Just look at these comments here! Can’t you libs ( err progressives is what you prefer to be called ) see beyond your nose ?

    Here’s my point–Ironically it is the Democrat Party Chair Jeff Rogers who seems to have no regard for the folks here in Tucson who actually DO have severe safety issues in their neighborhoods today. At least five murders in October alone. Shots fired in the night? Burglary after burglary? Gang violence and intimidation?

    What will it take for Mr Rogers to wake up in his comfortable mid town neighborhood , drop his partisanship and actually admit crime is far worse than he has been willing to admit? Will it be right after the Tucson City Council elections? Probably ……..because the Democrat candidates ( you know them…..Trasoff, Uhlich and Fimbres ) are so bad that Rogers and the Democrat Party have run from their candidates and have embraced the Anti Prop 200 argument as the party’s campaign strategy. Interesting.

    The question I would ask Mr Rogers as well as the candidates is this……..

    “If you don’t support Prop 200 and we will find ourselves as least 40 commissioned police officers short in 2010 ( not my speculation but based on dems own words ) how many new TPD officers and TFD staff WILL you support?

    Give us a number. Any number. Let Tucsonans know exactly what your plans are BEFORE election Day. I doubt if you have a plan or the guts to actually fill us in on your secret plans to make Tucson’s streets and homes safer if you are re elected.

    Speaking of election day………and the Rio Nuevo audit. What other possible obfuscation will Ms Trasoff and Ms Uhlich possibly come up with to explain why they have promised a TRANSPARENT audit for Rio Nuevo and here we are on the saturday before election day and we still have no audit. This is not rocket science friends. Tell you city manager to open the Yellow Pages. Get 3 bids and do the audit. Your successors WILL do that audit and I’ll bet the results will smart .

    Oh yeah, for anyone who believes the BS being thrown around here about name calling–check out AZ Illustrated. I think the facts speak for themselves.

  6. If anyone out there finds those kids of mine or that midtown home, please let me know. I can’t seem to find them. Maybe it’s because they don’t exist. Bruce Ash has always relied on fear & lies and will no doubt continue to do so.

  7. Bruce:

    I’ve not called you a name. I don’t live in Tucson and therefore never take a position on Tucson ballot issues.

    However, I asked you a question. What does whether someone lives in a safe neighborhood have to do with whether they are concerned about people who don’t live in their neighborhood?

    As I said I don’t live in Tucson and have not read or taken a position on prop 200 since it’s a local issue there. But as a resident of rural, northern Arizona I still feel as a resident of the state that state programs that do benefit people in Tucson should be supported (including anti-crime programs, and I live in a town with virtually no violent crime and that has not had a murder in longer than anyone here can remember.) So my question again is:

    Why should you assume that because someone isn’t directly affected by a problem themselves that they are against helping people who are affected by it?

  8. Well, then Jeff,

    It oughtta be really simple for the cops to patrol your house and keep your kids safe, no?

  9. Currently the City of Tucson is 20+ peace officers under staffed. Many of the special, high crime, task forces have been disbanded to keep enough cops on the street to answer emergency calls. Try and call for a Tucson Police officer to take a non injury accident report or a misdemeanor theft.

    Nobody has tried to answer Bruce’s question. What is the level of police and fire protection will you accept?

  10. I think the current level of police and fire is excellent. Our police and fire do an excellent job.

  11. Bruce shouldn’t be asking questions here, he should be answering them. Why did he refer to the residents on the south and west sides of Tucson as “those brown people?”

  12. Bruce,

    I think your question is misplaced.

    How many police officers and firefighters would we support? As many as we could possibly afford. The key words here being “possibly” and “afford,” of course.

    Before that question can even be considered though, the entire city is still waiting on an answer as to how you guys expect to pay for your initiative. Nowhere over the last 6 months has anybody on the “Yes” side come anywhere even remotely close to finding the huge amounts of money required to fund it. Why should we vote for it if Bill Arnold and Jim Click refuse (again and again) to be honest about how they will pay it off? Better yet, WHY are the refusing to name the funding source? The answer can only be one of the following (as I see it):

    1. They honestly don’t know because that don’t understand the city budget or the fact that the money isn’t there (probably true in Arnold’s case as he doesn’t seem very good at this political stuff).

    2. They do know, but don’t want to say so because they are afraid that by giving Tucsonans an honest choice they will lose to people who don’t want the huge tax increases and service cuts.

    3. They aren’t naming a funding source because they don’t really care about funding it, as the initiaitve has nothing to do with public safety anyway and everything to do with unseating incumbent council candidates.

    Anyway, the entire city is still waiting on an answer to that very basic question, and your side continues to dodge it with fear mongering and continued rhetoric about how many ways our family members will die if 200 isn’t passed.

    That is why prop 200 is going to lose, and I believe that deep down, you already know that.

  13. Mr. Rogers……….

    Perhaps it is a nice day in YOUR own “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” but despite your phony crime stats
    Tucson is the major highway into America for drugs and human smuggling.

    In so many Tucson neighborhoods people wake to shots fired in the middle of the night. Cars broken into. Homes burglarized. Gangs on the prowl. Larcenies against businesses.

    I was born , raised , educated and have raised our own children in Tucson. This is my home just like yours Mr. Rogers. I’ll give that to you. But so many are feeling as though the city council has failed them. Not just Rio Nuevo. Not just trash fees. Not just events like MLB and The Gem Show either gone or one foot out the door. This has become a worse place to live in the last four years. Crime and personal security is where many decide how they will vote. Obfuscate about costs as some of you have. Tucson will never achieve the greatness we strive for without security.

    Your campaign, Mr Rogers , seems to be built on what Tucson cannot afford to do. What Tucson cannot get ( safety ) under democrat leadership.

    You and RRR want to name call . That’s fine. The election is on tuesday and let’s let the voters decide how safe “Mr Roger’s Neighborhood” and every other neighborhood will be over the next 4 years.

    I have posed a elegantly simple question which you and your candidates have declined to answer. However Prop 200 turns out at some point in time this is still a question you and your party must answer.

  14. Bruce,

    It isn’t Mr. Rogers’ campaign, and you too have refused to answer MY simple question.

    Again: How will you pay for it?

    Still waiting.

    You are cherry picking the posts that you think you can respond to and ignoring those that pose difficult questions. If you care about Tucson so much, respect the citizens enough to tell them where you plan to find the money for prop 200. Your refusal to be honest about funding is becoming tiresome.

  15. My prediction : Prop 200 will lose by a fairly wide margin. All thre R’s will lose by a much closer margin. Most political junkies will do a post mortem & decide that the R’s lost for sure when they hitched their wagon to the Prop 200 horse. Those who supported it for genuine reasons (i.e. not Mr. Ash, not Mr. Arnold and many others) will then join the opponents in a serious discussion about how we move forward on public safety issues in a fiscally responsible manner. Just my prediction. And yours, Mr. Ash? Oh, by the way, I don’t even recognize that City you and Pro Prop 200 supporters keep trying to scare us about. It’s just not the the Tucson I know & love. It’s that imaginary scary place in your minds.

  16. I’ve been burglarized 3 times and the cops never showed. They couldn’t even be bothered to view the bank’s video of someone trying to cash one of my stolen checks because it was for less than $1500. Why throw good money after bad? 200 will only make the donut-eaters fatter.

  17. Another question for Bruce Ash: what if -sometime in the future- the economy goes bad and your set numbers translate in 99% of the City budget?

  18. Tucson Vice,
    You need to read State Law. The Police and Fire Budget comes from the general fund.

    You need to go to the budget table and wipe it clean then rebuild your budget based on revenues.
    What could be simpler.

  19. MLB leaving had ZERO to do witht he City Council. It was about Beer Money at a County run facility. So blaming Nina and Karin for that is a very misinformed position. The GEM show has not left yet. NEWS Flash. As far as the Rio Nuevo waste, of the 100 million that is gone, 30 million went to private consultants and studies the Republican community demanded. And when deals fell apart, it was mostly because of greed. As far as all crime, just look at the statistics. Also TPD is managed about as well wall street.

  20. Mr. Ash,

    As you well know, major drug smuggling (international and interstate) and the smuggling of migrants falls under the federal pervue, ESPECIALLY within 100 miles of the border. You are being deliberately disingenuous trying to link these issues with local crime and with the responsibilities of the Tucson Police.

    I have had my car been burglarized recently, in Midtown. The perpetrator was a local meth producer/user who was not a member of one of your “(G)angs on the prowl.” The Tucson Police quickly and efficiently found the perpetrator. At no time did they complain that they were understaffed, and a bad guy is currently awaiting sentencing in Pima County Jail. Oh, and because I suspect you care, the perp was white.

    Referring to people who live on the south side as “the Browns” won’t win you or the GOP many friends here. You can lock yourselves up in your gated prisons in the Foothills if you like, but the truth is, for an urban area, crime issues really are as under control as can be expected. Also, if your concern really is for our Hispanic community, why not try and move towards sustainable jobs in our town, instead of backing the interests of SAHBA and certain local car dealers. I guarantee that will decrease crime, even if Don Diamond and Jim Click shed a few tears.

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