A Correction

I went back and looked at some of the older posts, and noticed that in my post about Jason Rose’s Twitter feed I referred to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez as Hugo Sánchez. I went back and checked out Rose’s Twitter page just to see if I could blame him for my mistake, but no dice.

Hugo SanchezSánchez is, of course, a former standout for UNAM and Real Madrid, and did a stint as coach for the Mexican national team. As Gilberto Zaragoza will tell you, Sánchez is the best player North America has ever produced. He also is one of three players to have the distinction of playing both in NASL and MLS. He also is an occasional pitchman for Allstate. I saw him play once at, of all places, Arizona Stadium when he was playing for Austrian club FC Linz back in 1995.

No word on whether Dana Kennedy is going to visit “Hu-Gol” to raise money.

Before any of y’all jump on me for this mistake, I’d like to point out that none of you caught it either.

4 thoughts on “A Correction

  1. No, Ted, I caught it in that I was scratching my head and thinking “Who is Hugo Sanchez?” and then figured it must be some local Tucson guy I don’t know so I blew it off.

  2. Jason Rose has one of the most random funny twitter feeds in the world – if you aren’t “following him” you are missing out on some randomly closed minded idiotic stupid updating in the world.

    Brings a smile to my face every day… and I love how he has ALMOST everything in lowercase letters… for no reason…

    Guess that makes him a “bad ass” in his mind.

  3. No plans for that trip – I decided to stay local. The funny thing about the fundraising between Sal and I is he out “raises” me 10-1 but I had just as many mail pieces as he did (not sure how large his universe was) but then again you need to know who to mail “to” His website was over 12K and doesn’t even have issues mine $575. If you raise tons of dough and pay your pals well you can do a blog on this. Campaign finances were due today … can’t wait to see the price tag for is “victory” party! He spent $20 for a vote I spent $2. Does this remind you of anyone?

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